Pre-Independent Memorandum

H.E. Robert Neil Reid, K.C.S.I., K.C.I.F., I.C.S,
Governor of Assam,
Camp: Mohongdijua, Mikir Hills, Assam,
Dated Mikir Hills, the 28th October, 1940
May it please Your Excellency,
We the Mikir people numbering nearly a lac and a half beg most humbly and respectfully to accord Your Excellency a most hearty and cordial welcome on the occasion of Your Excellency’s gracious visit to our hills that have not hitherto been graced by any august homage like Your Excellency and we take this opportunity of Your Excellency’s visit to convey through Your Excellency the sincere homage and loyal devotion of our Mikir people to their gracious majesties, the king emperor and the queen empress and earnestly pray for their sound health, long life, peace and happiness and the welfare of their empire at this troubled time.
Yours Excellency, words fail to express how happy and fortunate we the Mikirs feel today for the opportunity so kindly allowed to us to offer our ruler in our own humble way this address of welcome in the midst of the hills, the sweet abode of the Mikirs. Cut off from the civilized world, isolated as we are, Your Excellency, we the Mikirs may fail to accord you a proper and suitable welcome but we earnestly hoped that sincerity of our purpose.
Your Excellency, on this auspicious occasion, first of all, we the Mikirs who have been kept in perpetual subordination by their progressive neighbours beg to express our deep gratitude to Your Excellency for taking in for the first time a Mikir representative in the provincial legislature an act which has not only received appreciation from the Mikir youths for improving the status of their tribe; and we sincerely hope that however busily engaged Your Excellency might be with multifarious activities, Your Excellency would be graciously pleased to bear in mind the deplorable condition of the Mikirs due to complete isolation in the jungle area of the hills and further be pleased to redress their legitimate grievances as embodied in the memorial annexed herewith.
Your Excellency, our heart if too full of gratitude for the patient hearing Your Excellency has so kindly given us, it is earnest and sincere prayer to the Almighty Father that He may grant Your Excellency sound health and long life and may Your Excellency continue to the immense benefit of us all.
We have the honour to be Sir,
Your Excellency’s most humble and loyal Mikir subjects.
(So far, the first recorded and preserved memorandum of the Karbis submitted by their leader, the late Semsonsing Ingti, to the colonial governor towards the fag end of the British rule.)


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