DHD(J) may lay down arms soon: PC

DHD(J) may lay down arms soon: PC (Assam Tribune/23 July 2009)
Spl Correspondent
NEW DELGI, July 22 – The DHD(J), commonly known as the Black Widow group, may soon lay down arms to come forward for talks with the Government. This was disclosed by the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram while replying to the debate on the demand for grant for the Ministry of Home Affairs today.

Chidambaram said that the Centre had given a pre-condition to the militants to come for talks and as per the same, the militants would have to abjure violence, lay down arms and stay in the designated camps to come for talks. He said that the Government received signals that the DHD(J) is willing to come forward for talks by abiding by the preconditions laid down by the Government. He informed the House that the DHD(J)’s willingness came following sustained pressure mounted against the outfit and the chairman of the outfit Jewel Garlosa was arrested in Bangaluru. The Union Home Secretary, GK Pillai, is scheduled to visit Assam on July 30 in this connection.

On the insurgency situation in North East, Chidambaram said that some militant leaders have become greedy. The leaders of the militant groups have started staying in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar and some of them are receiving help from Pakistan. He reiterated the Government’s stand on the issue of talks with the militants and said that any militant group can come for talks by following the pre-conditions laid down.

Earlier, participating in the discussions, Biren Singh Ingty said that militant groups like DHD(J) and KLNLF have expressed willingness to come for talks. He said that the Government should hold talks with the groups for solution of the problems. He said that the arrest of the CEM of the NC Hills Autonomous Council for maintaining links with the militants is a matter of concern and expressed the view that a resolution adopted by the council to rename it as Dimasa Autonomous Council started problems in NC Hills.

SK Bwiswmutiary (BPF) demanded that the BTC should be allocated Rs 500 crore as development grant. He also regretted that only Rs 50 crore has been earmarked for the BTC in this year’s budget.

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