Three State Out of Assam ?

Telangana revives demand for Bodo, Dimasa and Karbi States

With the Centre deciding to initiate the process for a separate Telengana, Bodos, Dimasas and Karbis have revived their long-standing demand for separate states carved out of Assam.

The demand for a separate Bodo state was raised in the Assam assembly by Bodoland Peoples Front (BPF), the coalition partner of the ruling Congress on Friday.

Transport Minister Chandan Brahma, who belongs to the BPF, told the house that the creation of a Bodo state was possible and the matter should be considered by the government.

”Our demand for a state was much older than that of Telangana … If Telangana could be created, there is no reason why the Bodos cannot have their own state. We had accepted the Bodoland Territorial Council under the Sixth Schedule as the then NDA government at the Centre had said there was no policy for creation of another state,” he said.

BPF president Hagram Mohilary said, ”We are happy for the people of Telangana and now that the Centre has approved the creation of Telangana state, a separate Bodoland state should also be created.”

The Nunisa faction of Dimasa Halam Daoga (DHD) and United Peoples’ Democratic Solidarity said they would revive their demand for separate Dimasa and Karbi states respectively.

“Moreover we are not asking for a seperate state, we are only asking for an Autonomous State, under article 244(A) , a provision provided in the constitution for us by the then Indira Gandhi goverment”, asserted one of the leader.

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