KLNLF to give up arms on February 11

DIPHU, Feb 2:  Another Karbi militant group active in the hill district of Assam ,the Karbi Longri N.C. Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF), which had a track record of targeting Hindi-speaking people in Karbi Anglong district, will be publicly decommissioning its arms here on February 11 with nearly 400 of its cadres slated to surrender, official sources said today.

The KLNLF has begun the process for arms decommissioning and collecting the arms from their various camps as per the Central guidelines for holding peace talks. At least 400 cadres with assorted arms and ammunition of AK-47, AK-56 and carbines are expected to surrender on that day at the Kasa stadium here, the sources said. The KLNLF had started its peace process in 2009 after its declared unilateral ceasefire in January that year.

KLNLF general secretary Thong Teron told PTI that his outfit had decided to go for the peace process as their 15-year-old “self-rule revolution” had aggravated the situation in the district.

Instead, they wanted to solve their problem politically, Teron said.

Also regretting killing Hindi-speaking people during their fight for their demand, he said, a series of peace meetings were held with the Hindi-speaking people and hoped they would help in the peace process. PTI

Further the banned Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) on Monday said that they were open for immediate talks with the Centre but demanded that Union Home Minister P Chidambaram should be present.

KLNLF’s publicity secretary Razak Dera said the outfit’s members, who were for a separate Karbi state, would not surrender but only deposit their arms.

The outfit’s general council had ratified the decision to hold talks with the Centre to end the insurgency problem afflicting the hill district of Karbi Anglong, he said. “The presence of the Union home minister was essential. He will learn about the problems faced by the people when he will visit here,”   he said.

The outfit demanded that at least five designated camps have to be opened by the government to house the ultras who have deposited their arms. PTI


3 Responses to KLNLF to give up arms on February 11

  1. Aruel Rongphar says:

    I really don’t know the status of the KLNLF’s request for the presence of Union Minister P Chidambaram on the 11th Feb. However, with the Outfits current resolve to follow the peace process to sort out their issues, why is the Central Govt. delaying to make it clear that the Hon’ble would be definitely attending the ‘arms decommissioning’ ceremony.

  2. karbinetwork says:

    As far as the sign is concern, He will not be attending the surrendering ceremony.There was not enough pressure from the Government of Assam for the purpose… It is very doubtful that even the CM will be attending the ceremony.. This is the importance Karbi Anglong get from the Government of Assam.

  3. Aruel Rongphar says:

    Pathetic!!! that’s all we can understand about the working and attitude of the Assam Govt. Perhaps we forgot that it’s for all these very reasons Outfits like UPDS and KLNLF had chosen the path of Voilence though I’m not saying that choosing the path of peace is best.

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