State within a state for Karbi Anglong – Hemanta Biswa Sharma

Guwahati 25: Hemanta Biswa Sharma, the health minister of Assam today announced in the assembly of Assam during the session that the proposal will be sent to the centre to facilitate formation of a state within a state in accordance with the Article 244 (A) of the constitution of India for Karbi Anglong.

He said that the Union Government and the Government of Assam have been engaged in negotiation with the representatives of the United Peoples’ Democratic Solidarity (UPDS) on the demands placed by them at the official level. Yesterday the UPDS negotiation team met the Chief Minister and presented a memorandum detailing the need for political intervention in order to expedite the State government’s recommendation on their demand for the creation of state within the State under Article 244 (A), direct funding of the hill areas, parity of per capita fund allocation as compared with Mizoram and Meghalaya, change-over of medium of instruction to English in educational institutions, creation of three more districts in Karbi Anglong, establishment of tribal village councils and others. Therefore, the Government has decided to constitute a Ministerial Committee to examine their demands including the issue of state within the state as per Art 244 (A) and send its
recommendation to the Union Government within a period of two months with a view to confer the highest possible autonomy to Karbi Anglong to ensure return of permanent peace.


One Response to State within a state for Karbi Anglong – Hemanta Biswa Sharma

  1. Sarpo Kathar says:

    Thanks Mr. Hon’ble minister for understsnding the sentiments of the Karbies. Long to you & INC

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