KLNLF accuses DHD(Nunisha) of timber smuggling

By our Staff Reporter

( The Sentinel, Assam)

GUWAHATI, April 2: The Karbi Longri National Liberation Front (KLNLF), which has been in a ceasefire agreement with the government, has alleged that the Dilip Nunisha faction of the Dima Halam Daogah (DHD), also in a ceasefire agreement with the Centre, is involved in tree felling in Karbi Anglong forests and in selling timber to Nagaland. The KLNLF has appealed to the DHD(N) to desist from smuggling timber from Karbi Anglong and warned that the Karbi outfit will not tolerate any such activities in the future.

Talking to The Sentinel over telephone today, KLNLF publicity secretary Rejak Dera said: “Seventy-five per cent of forests in Karbi Anglong have been cleared by DHD(N) cadres, now lodged at the designated camp at Dhansiri in Karbi Anglong. These militants have been selling timber from Karbi Anglong to Nagaland. This is not the allegation of the KLNLF alone. Even Biren Singh Ingti, MP, had alleged that the DHD(N) had been involved in tree felling in Karbi Anglong forests. The MP has already requested Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to stop the DHD(N) militants from felling trees in Karbi Anglong.”

Dera further said the KLNLF would not tolerate if the DHD(N) continued to destroy Karbi Anglong forest and sell timber to Nagaland.

Meanwhile, insecurity continues to haunt the 400 KLNLF cadres who have been staying in makeshift designated camps. When asked on the matter, Dera said: “Three hundred and thirteen of our cadres have been staying in the makeshift designated camp on the Polytechnic premises in Karbi Anglong where only 20 Assam Police battalion personnel have been deployed on security duty. The other makeshift designated camp in the Agriculture Farmers’ Hostel gives shelter to 75 of our cadres who are without any security cover. No security personnel has been deployed there. If any of our cadres flee, we won’t be responsible for that.”

As many as 20 KLNLF cadres had fled with arms when talks for surrender were going on. While six of the deserters came back with their arms, one was killed in an encounter. According to reports, the other deserters have been active in armed activities.

Dera said: “We have apprised Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi of our security concern. We have demanded of him to set up four designated camps in Karbi Anglong and one at Umrongso in NC Hills ( Dima Hasao Distriict), a demand being opposed by the DHD(N). We have also apprised ADGP (SB) Khagen Sarma and the Home Commissioner of our security concern.”

When asked on the opposition from the DHD(N) to the proposed KLNLF designated camp at Umrongso, Dera questioned: “If a DHD(N) designated camp can be set up at Dhansiri in Karbi Anglong, why can’t a KLNLF camp be set up at Umrongso in NC Hills (Dima Hasao District) ?”

Dera said that during their recent meeting with the Chief Minister, they had appealed to the government to solve the border disputes with Nagaland and Meghalaya


One Response to KLNLF accuses DHD(Nunisha) of timber smuggling


    For your kind information.
    1.KLNLF is not in “CEASE FIRE”. There is no such agreement as claim by them. The govt. of ASSAM by Ho’ble minister Rockybul Hussain replied on behalf of Assam Chief minister, has replied to the question raised by the oposition on the 29th of March. Groups like UPDS, DHD (N),NDFB (Gobinda)are in cease fire with govt of Assam and India. Another group like ULFA (Mrinal),Birsa commando force and Cobra millitants are in cease fire with State govt and DHD(Garlosa)and KLNLF have surrendered and joined the main stream.How ever they have a ground rules of
    “Do’s and Don’ts”
    2.75 percent of the forest are in and around Dhansiri may have been cleared not in the rest of Karbi Anglong.
    3. Its not at all a “make shift camp” but a temporary arrangement of best housing facility which a polytechnic campus, Yet to started and another at Farmer hostel and a guest house with a good boundary wall. There cannot be any feelings of insecurity at all.
    4. The number of surrendered cadres is 419.
    5. The number was not 20 but 26 with 23 weapon. These cadres Deserted the rank and file of KLNLF because they don’t want to surrender before the govt. without fulfilling the political aspiration of the people and at the same time demanded the status like UPDS with a cease fire agreement.

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