Demand of Charter Submitted to the Govt. of India by KLNLF

Diphu, June 2010 :  A demand of charter was submitted to the Govt. of India representative Shri P.C Haldar , Interlocator by the KLNLF ( Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front) recently to press their demands for the talk. A copy of the charter of demands as submitted are as follow


P. C. Halder


Government of India,

New Delhi-110 001

Subject:- Submission of  “KLNLF Charter of Demand”.

Date: …………/……/2010.


Karbi Longri N.C.Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) has been spearheading the movement for Self Rule in the Hills Areas of Assam Since last 15 years and initiation of political dialogue between KLNLF and the Government of Assam and Government of India for Peaceful Political Settlement of the issue has one again re-established the inalienable rights of the Karbi People for self governance. The very process of present dialogue, we presume, has recognized the following ground realities.

1. The existing arrangement under the sixth schedule of the Constitution of India in the hills areas of Assam is obsolete and unworkable.

2. The urgent need to meet the aspiration of the people of hills areas for self rule under a separate arrangement other than sixth Schedule or so called autonomous council.

3. Peaceful and permanent political settlement is the only way for sustainable peace and development in the region for overall paramount national interest.

It is, in this context, we the KLNLF would like to place the Charter of Demands which is enclosed herewith. These demands can be implemented by suitable constitutional amendment under Article 3 of the Constitution of India and other sub-sequential and consequential rules and provision.

Rupsing Teron                                                     Pradip Terang
General Secretary, KLNLF                          Chairman, KLNLF

Karbi Longri N.C.Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF)

Charter of Demands

Objective: To create Separate Karbi Longri State to be known as Karbi Longri to provide constitutional protection to the most deprived tribe of India and to fulfills economic, educational and linguistic aspirations and the preservation of land-rights, socio-cultural and ethnic identity of the Karbi; and speed up the infrastructure development in Karbi Longri area.

Part –I

Political Demand

1.     A Separate Karbi Longri State (here after in refered to as ‘Karbi Longri’) shall be created comprising of the present Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council District i.e the areas transferred to the Mikir Hills autonomous district by the notification of the Government of Assam No. TAD/R/31/50/149 dated the 13th April, 1951 and such other tribal dominated contiguous areas as specified annexure – I, under Article 3 of the Constitution of India.

2.     Structure, power and function of the Karbi Longri:

(a)   There shall be a Legislature for Karbi Longri which shall consist   of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly.  The total number of seats in the Legislative Assembly shall not be less than 60 seats and shall be reserved for Schedule Tribes. To be filled by persons chosen by direct election. For this purpose the Representation of People Act 43 of 1950 shall be amended.

(b)  There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister at the head to aid and advise the Governor in the exercise of his functions in relation to Karbi Longri. The Chief Minister shall be appointed by the Governor and the other Ministers shall be appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister, and the Ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor.  The Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly.

(c)   The executive power of Karbi Longri shall extend to all the subject listed in List –II (State list) and List-III (Concurrent list) of the seventh schedule of the constitution of India. Those departments shall be treated as transferred or devolved to the state as inherent departments with full legislative, executive and judiciary power. In addition the Union list of entries 41 and 42 shall be devolved to the State, for these purposes the constitution of India shall be suitably amended.

(d)  The Karbi Longri shall have its own Advocate general.

(e)   The Karbi Longri shall have its own Conduct of Business procedures.

(f)   English shall be the official language of the State till the Karbi Language is developed and recognized as Major Indian Language (M.I.L) in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

(g)   Karbi Longri shall be the sole authority in fiscal and policy matters of planning, tax, revenue and finance as contained in Part XII of the Constitution of India.

(h)  Central assistance for Plan fund will be fixed taking note of any residuary gap in resources so as to sustain the approved plan outlay and the pattern of assistance will be as in the case of Special Category State like Mizoram, Nagaland etc.

(i)    The existing Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council constituted under the Sixth Schedule to the constitution of India be retained to act as a nodal agency to percolate developmental work down to the grass root level.

(j)    There shall be High court bench for Administration of Justice.

(k)  The Karbi Longri shall have its own Public Service Commission and Civil Service cadres.

(l)    Karbi Longri shall be entitled to have  another 1(one) seat in the House of the People (Lok sabha)  and one Seat in the Council of State (Rajya Sabha) for which the First Schedule of the Representation of the Peoples’ Act, 1950(43 0f 1950) and the Fourth Schedule of the Indian Constitution shall be suitably amended.

(m) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, no act of Parliament in respect of –

(i)              Religion or Social practices of the Karbis,

(ii)            Karbi customary Law or procedure,

(iii)          Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice involving decisions according to Karbi customary Law, Ownership and transfer of land and also utilization of its mineral resources

shall be apply to the State of Karbi Longri unless the Legislative Assembly of

Karbi Longri by a resolution so decides.

n. Karbi inhabited areas of Ribhoi District of Meghalaya and Amri Karbi inhabited

areas of Kamrup District of Assam shall be brought under the Administration of

Karbi Longri.

o. Karbis living outside Karbi Longri i.e. Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya

shall be recognized as Schedule Tribe (Hills) and a Development Council shall be

created for Karbi Living in Tribal Belt and Block of Assam in Sonitpur District,

Nagaon District, Morigaon District and Cachar District.

Part – II

Other Economic

1.     For Infrastructure Development in Karbi Longri and construction of Karbi Longri Capital complex at Inglongpo (Singhason) the Government of India shall sanction Rs.5,000 Crores  approx. as one time lump sum grant.

2.     The Union Public Service Commission shall exempt candidates of Schedule Tribes (Hills) of  Karbi Longri from Major Indian Language (MIL) compulsory paper and shall receive the same concession as enjoyed by other hills state of Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland etc. for this purpose relevant UPSC Act. shall be suitably amended

3.     Karbi Longri Shall be re-organized in to Five revenue and administrative districts namely: Lumbajong District with Headquarters at Diphu, Jiroi District with Headquarters at Dongmukak, Nilip District with Headquarters at Chokihola, Amri-Chinthong District with Headquarters at Hamren and Rongkhang District with Headquarters at Dongkamukam and 14 civil sub-divisions  with headquarters at Diphu, Dilai, Disobai, Langlokso, Donghap, Jirikindeng, Punja Borpathar, Rongmongve, Hanjanglangso, Khanduli, Ampanai, Menmiji, Dolamara and Rongjangphong.

4.     Establishment of Central University, National Institute of Technology, Central funded Medical College, India Institute of Management (IIM) in Karbi Longri. Till the Commission of these institutions, government of India shall consider for reservation of Seats for Students from Karbi Longri at different Central Technical Institution, like Medical, IIT and IIM in India.

5.     To develop the Karbi Language, the 8th schedule of the constitution of India shall be amended to include Karbi Language in the list of the National Language.

6.     Relief & Rehabilitation

a.     The KLNLF join the national mainstream and shun the path of violence in the interest of peace and development. After the formation of the interim government of Karbi Longri. The KLNLF will dissolve itself as an organization after swearing-in of the interim government. Central Government and the State Government of Karbi Longri would provide full support to relief and rehabilitation of the members of KLNLF and shall be considered for joining the Arms Forces by the government of India. Those cadres who are not absorbed to any government services shall be paid an amount of Rs. 10 lakhs as one time grant by the Government of India, in addition the State Government shall paid a monthly pension of Rs. 15000/ (fixed) per month to those cadres.

b.     Grant of general amnesty to all Cadres and leaders of KLNLF and it sympathizers and withdrawal of criminal cases against such persons and those related to Karbi movement since 1993.

c.     To increase their representation of Karbi youth in the Arms Forces the Government of India Shall consider to raise a Karbi Regiment

d.     Special Rehabilitation Programme for the people affected by ethnic disturbances in Karbi Longri who are at present living at relief camps. Necessary funds for their rehabilitation shall be provided by the Government of India.

Submitted By

Pradip Terang                                           Rupsing Teron
Chairman, KLNLF                                 General Secretary,KLNLF

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