Are we still in emergency ? yes in the hills of Assam

Are we still in Emergency

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Are we still in Emergency
A Press statement by DCPF

The night of June 25th / 26th 1975, is undoubtedly, the darkest night in the history of independent India. That night emergency was declared. Fundamental rights were suspended and the freedom of the press was gagged. Several stalwarts including opposition political leaders were arrested and a pall of gloom enveloped the whole country. The twenty one months that followed, saw brutal repressions on every front; when emergency was lifted on March 21st, 1977, the country heaved a sigh of relief and like the post-World War II period, the people of India said “NEVER AGAIN”. This was clearly demonstrated by the fact that Indira Gandhi was crushingly defeated in the Parliamentary elections which followed.

However, our country still seems to be in Emergency at least in several parts of the country that is a reality, a state of emergency still rules and most of the time, those on the receiving end are the poor and the marginalized. In the last few years, the country has seen great “economic leaps” for a section of its people. This is evident from the many ways the consumerism culture has managed to have a stranglehold on several, very particularly those living in the urban areas. The mining and the industrial lobbies seem to have a ‘hay-day’ with hardly any consideration for the thousands of people who are displaced in order to satisfy their profiteering.

Glaring examples are also found in Karbi Anglong district of Assam. Have a look at the spate of killings taking place in Diphu town and other places of karbi Anglong from May to June 2010. The sources of the information is from local news papers and observations.

On 2nd May 2010 Under Dhenta constituency bordering Nowgong district a dead body was found. The reason for the killing and the identity of the dead person is still not available.

On 8th May 2010 at Joklabandha Mr.Jonasing aged 23 was killed. The reason for his death is not known.

On 10th May 2010 Mr.Paulose Hanse aged 19 of Muthade village near Jirikendeng in west karbi Anglong was killed by unidentified persons.

On 18th May 2010 under Bokolia police station, Dunkeklangso village Anando Teron aged 22 and Bengbong Tokbi aged 32 were found dead.

On 21st May 2010 unidentified dead body was found near Bokolia Town committee office.

On 14th June 2010 two kilometers away from Diphu town at Bagmari Nepali Basti , Gurudwara Road Satish Ronjan Deb was found dead.

On June 17th 2010 Binapani ME School headmistress Mayarani Dey aged 60 was murdered at Diphu by unidentified persons.

The above incidents shows the situation of the district and anises serious questions on public life in the district. What is needed is a thorough review of all the cases of secret killings. Only an impartial and independent body that has the powers to indict the guilty can restore some sanity to the otherwise nebulous situation.

Tom Mangattuthazhe
(Secretary, DCPF)

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