KLNLF opposing Peace accord of UPDS with Govt. of India.

(Through Special Correspondence of KIN)

Diphu, NOV 13: Karbi Longri N.C.Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) is campaigning all out against the proposed peace accord to be signed between UPDS ( United Peoples Democratic Solidarity), Govt. of India and Govt. of Assam.

To garner support against the peace accord, the surrendered KLNLF leaders has recently tried to hold several meetings with all factions of KSA ( Karbi Students’ Association), GGKSA ( Greater Guwahati Karbi Students’ Association), and KSU, Delhi.

From the same source it was known that surrendered KLNLF leaderships has also taken  resolution to organise various  dharnas or sit-in-protest  in Delhi and Dispur to protest against the Peace accord in the days to come.

This latest development has only created more disturbance in the already turmoil political scenario of the Assam’s Karbi Hills.


11 Responses to KLNLF opposing Peace accord of UPDS with Govt. of India.

  1. Everyone know that We the KARBIS want peace basically but this time for the sake of our Karbi Anglong and for its people(Mainly the Karbis) , “What will be the profit and lose for us??” Kangjang sir said while talking with him that they will ask for the maximum autonomy as much as possible coz there is no any policy for granting a state right now as per the rule of Indian Govt! So we all want to know the details of the said “accord” n also its advantages for our beloved KARBI people!!
    Moreover We need to be together at this kind of situation, N the leaders of both the organization (KLNLF and UPDS) should understand that. Because the Karbis don’t feel safe when this two organization of K/A conflicts between them! !!!KURWANGTHU!!!
    Publicity Secretary

    • karbinetwork says:

      Mr. Williams, Its not a question of profit and loss. Let me tell you. We UPDS has not given up the demand for Hemprek Kangthim or Hemplak. The present situation of the Union government has no policy of creating a new state or a state within the state. So therefore simple thing is lets continue to demand for a state, but also let us not miss the opportunity or held ransom of the general mass people and deprive them of peace and development in the name of political talks. The creation of a state may be possible in near future. Maybe in ten to fifteen years. But right now as I have said ”to miss the bus” and be in the line of the central government and be wise enough to accept what is possible, provided with honourable, acceptable and justified.

      Yes the accord will not be of a state within the state or a separate state but with maximum autonomy in the form of a sub state structure.UPDS don’t feel afraid or shame to speak of.

      Please we are doing this in our own capacity and wisdom. At the same time I think it will not be a hurdle to any other organisation demanding for a state which is to happen in the latter part.

      UPDS is accepting the maximum autonomy with the transfer of 64 department under state list (thirty is already transferred and fifteen subject with legislative power ) out of 66 department excluding Police and Sale tax with legislative power, which means a power to make legislation like an Assembly and becomes a law by the proposed KARBI ANGLONG AUTONOMOUS TERRITORY.

      The present council has no electoral reservation policy. Ant body who has his or her name in the electoral list the he is entitle to stand in the election of who ever community belongs to. But UPDS accord will put stop to this where only a schedule tribe will be allowed to stand in FOURTY seat out of FORTY FIVE elected and FIVE to be nominated by the Governor which Two will be permanently from women.

      It will also create two more new district head quarters. Total Three district 1. Central Karbi Anglong district with head quarter at Diphu 2. Eastern Karbi Anglong district now Bokajan sub-division with HQ at Koilamati and 3. West Karbi Anglong District (now Hamren police district) with HQ at Hamren. Another more It will also create subdivision like in Jirekendeng, Dongkamukam, Umpanai, Samilangso, Dilai, Silonijan and Rongmongwe. Another good thing to happen is the creation of Village councils which the funding will be done directly by the central government not through the propose KAAT. There is every chance the the backward people of the grass root will be able to develop and prosper.

      Well, Nokbe you can meet me in person if you may need any clarification. We are always open for a dynamic and progressive discussion and the RIGHT to question is always above all.

      Thank you.
      Kang Jang Terang @ Wojaru Mukrang.
      Joint Secy. i/c Political affairs.
      UPDS. Contact no- 9678293046. 24×7.

  2. Longkiram Terang says:

    Everyone know UPDS and KLNLF is different Arms organisation and have separate polictical demand. The KLNLF demand for separate state where as the UPDS has agreed for an Autonomy. If People of Karbi Anglong and Political Parties and so call the Intelegtuals agreed with the UPDS More Autonomy then why should the ASDC/CPI(ML)/Congress, and social organisation like KSA, SKA, KLA, KNCA and others, demand Article 244(A). Please tell me the truth?

  3. Jirsong says:

    The problem with us is that: when we go for talks, we agree to talk with bureaucrats and interlocutors. They are simply buying time…keeping us busy for some time–which will go on forever. WE MUST NOT TALK WITH BUREAUCRATS!!! We must talk with only elected representative of the people such as the Prime Minister, and so on. These bureaucrats are empowered only to say that there is no policy or law to grant us our demand!! Well, if there is no policy, frame the policy; if there is no law under which to grant us our demand, make the law. Legislate. That’s what elected members do. Therefore, talk only with elected leaders! Anything less than a separate state is a huge shame! If they are not willing to grant that, well just come back. Demand again. The people of Karbi Anglong wants nothing less than a separate state.

  4. There is nothing surprising about the KLNLF opposing every move of the UPDS. It is history repeating itself. If one will just care to remember a certain armed group formed for the sole purpose of defeating a powerful political leader of Karbi Anglong whose party is now cosing up to UPDS. Yes!! in this game of one upmanship the common people will suffer. Already some people are beaten up brutally alledgedly by the cadres of KLNLF due to his favourable disposition towards the UPDS and their agenda of ‘more power to the Council’. Someone may even repeat the old trick of the Karbi-Dimasa clash by throwing some bodies near a village of a certain community. Hope better sence will prevail among all and let the UPDS go on with their work, after all they seems to be doing something in such a short period of time.

  5. Ramsing Lekthe says:

    I appreciate Mr. Kangjang Terang for his brave face. He has accepted the facts. It would be better if the UPDS support the cause of KLNLF, instead of confrontion. Since the UPDS has agreed for Territorial Council and are ready to signed Peace accord, there is no reason the UPDS has to worries about the KLNLF organisation. I hope the Leadership of UPDS will agree with my point of view.

    • Wojaru Mukrang, Joint Secy UPDS. says:

      I am not trying to bring in confrontation, confusion or misunderstanding. What I did was only clarifying our organizational stand. At one point of time its KLNLF who has been making allegation and confrontation everywhere, in press media, electronic media and even in public meetings like welcoming ceremony by the mass people.

      To my surprise, after the KLNLF surrendered en mass on 11th Feb. 2010. being a new group coming overground got the media attention. KLNLF started campaign against our organization almost everyday in the press and in the public meetings which we came to know through news paper or press friends the next day. Nobody at that point of time had ever tried to put comments or advice the surrendered KLNLF leadership to refrain from such abusive and confronting statements. I would like to remind the people again, for five months the UPDS had remain totally silent and mum on any issue or in what so ever the KLNLF may tried to project itself. Its all in the media reporting, which we had collected original press release and paper cutting for a record that we may need for future purposes. UPDS has shown its reaction only after 6th month and at the time when the two women dead body of surrendered KLNLF cadre namely Miss. Marigold Hansepi and Serdihun Ingtipi was discovered from inside Botanical garden 5km from Diphu town and the involvement of UPDS was drag and dramatize. (Enough is enough)

      My friend please refer to the statements of KLNLF leadership. Its not a question of worry or agreeing. When people speak the truth its hard to digest. What I am putting forward is the history. It may or may not be good for individual or the society. But we have to remember that “History is unforgiving”. When KLNLF tried to change the history of autonomy movement of Karbi Anglong and the formation of UPDS, they wrote as -KLNLF was formed on 22nd March 1994 the then KPF and KNV unification in a distorted manner. But the unification of KPF and KNV pave the way in formation UPDS . No body ever tried to correct them or said a word. The documenting speech of acting Chairman Habe Tokbi was handed over to the Chief minister Tarun Gogoi, government after his speech. Secondly UPDS was blamed and had to face so many reaction from all section of people and organization for going against the KLNLF on counter insurgency before the surrender as they being a Karbi group. But now the same trick was being played by the KLNLF towards the break away groups KLNLF (Anti talk) fraction. Now don’t you think this is totally a bias attitude? Why are the people now silent? Don’t the people ever feel bad when you hear the cadre getting killed in the fake encounter or innocent people die in a crossfire? KlNLF have been demanding a judicial inquiry for every time a cadre killed, fake encounter, attack in their camps or any civilian killed in all those years in their underground times. They event went ahead calling bandh so many times in protest. What difference do KLNLF in blaming the UPDS have now?

      I have put in writing that UPDS has not drop the demand for a separate state but had only put aside to pave the way to the policies the government had offered to the organization in the form of sub state or maximum autonomy.
      In condition no;-

      1. It shall continue the Statehood demand in a democratic and peaceful manner;

      2. Whenever the State Re-organization Commission (SRC) or any commission to examine the state demands of various organizations is constituted by the Government of India, the Karbi Anglong demand for Statehood shall also be included as one of the terms of reference.

      So its not a question of supporting KLNLF cause. But rather it will be a joint effort not only of UPDS and KLNLF but all Karbis for further mass movements after the accord is sign for achieving HEMPREK our cherish dreams. What we will be accepting now is purely a temporary settlements. But what i feel, if implemented properly it will be like winning half the battle for grunting statehood to Karbi Anglong.

      Sorry guys! I made a very long statements despite knowing my English so low grade. It is 100% true to what Mr. Rongbang Phangcho has said. But what can I do? I did not even pass class X. Its only help me much because I studied in Diphu Don Bosco School. I don’t feel bad or ashamed at all as English being not my mother tongue.


      Thank you. Wojaru Mukrang.

  6. rongbang phangcho says:

    Neli laso a kido nang kitok dun ajoine ke lapu henlo, neli inut a Karbi pu ajoine lapen la athak ketok a birta KLNLF opposing Peace accord of UPDS with Govt. of India lapen kachingvai aphuthak ning phophe ajoine lapen ning biri ajoine. Alam abang ke lapuhenlo, la athak a birta lapen kachingvai along lang dam pulotangte ili chini lake laso a birta kivan mate kitok abang ke alangli akehai Kangjang Terang @ Wojaru Mukrang, Joint Secy. i/c Political Affairs, UPDS henlo. Lasi neli chini dunde KLNLF atum UPDS accord aphuthak khamkhe dun puke lapen khamkhe dokok pusita neli kimatha lapen anuttin aphanta kachongri abang ke la henlo, ilitum angbong lahai kachonte alam ke pirthe athak pachithang aret nangnelo pu abang. Ilitum angbong un an ke kachidip si kinangpo pu abang. Athe ili therak meme alam ilitum angbong kachili do o pulote. Laso aphuthak neli kechokche dote neliphan pakengtha. Bonta November 16, arni Karninet along KLNLF a Chairman, P. Dilli pen clarifation ateng ke KLNLF pen UPDS a accord aphuthak thangnat a oppose ave pu..Lasi laso a news KLNLF opposing Peace accord of UPDS with Govt. of India ke pachethang thap ason si man det lo.
    Lapen adunthu neli kaningje ji abang ke lapuhenlo alangli akehai Mukrang asangho Facebook alongta ilong longni a discussion along kitok do dun…holahai pen langdam pulotangte alangli isi ning kipapung mate aning kachoteng alam kitok do o…bonta alangli choro ji alangli holahai alamthe Facebook discussion pen delete det abang ke. Ajat punon neli inut jungjung pen kimatha mate kimunthi alam abang ke lapu henlo alangli akehai Mukrang akehai pinang aphong press/media along kaningje ke isi ning papung mate ning kachoteng asonsi thek damlong. Lasi alangli aphan choningri ingtung alangli inut UPDS asongja pen lahai ning kachoteng alam kaningje ke Karbi arat aphanta ning kangsamse ta padok titi. Neli kelang dam ateng ke alangli mithang jungjung aning kangsamse ajoine kaningje abang lampar ningje pik titi. Lapen holahai alam pen bang aphan ning choteng rong titi…alangli akehai Mukrang asangho jongsi believe le pulotangte alangli klem rappet asongja atum aphan arju tame lapen akaprek solangdo arat aphan ta arju tame. Athe akehai Mukrang asangho ili ajat ningje lapen klemkle aprang Karbi arat aphan ning ingsamjima ingsamsema pu matha det nanglang.
    Lapen neli akaprek alam ladak choningri ingtung alangli Mukrang akehai aphan, alangli internet along lo kitok dun amokha ladak Karbinet along punon Facebook along punon, lo tok dunde aprang English writing abang matne thek muchot pen chingvai et pen le tok dun asonte me parji. Athe ili langdam pulotangte alangli English abang ke isi a standard avedet ason si manlang…neli ta English kethek o abang kali…bonta bang aphan pu dun me muchot pusi kitok dun lo… alangli ke inut UPDS along Joint Secy. i/c Political Affairs lo, lasi inut songja thethan arpu kedeng abang lason a English anvet lang pulote ili Karbi aphanta ili ketherak so asonsi do….ahok pet ke neli lahai alam alangli phan phone lo pensi chothan dun nangji apotlo…bonsita lahai alam ke jirpo angbongta chithan sangrangji pu amat si neli dak public along tok ronglo…

  7. Wojaru Mukrang, Joint Secy UPDS. says:

    Rongbang Phangcho akehai. Kardom lapen Diya dengik tha. Nangli kido neli langik longlo. Pen neli kechokche do tahai po mane. Seta kechokche do pupen doikjoi puke chokche detjike. Isi, nangli phan nangkachoningri kangtung ke nangli men binong lapen angthek asap chepi asonte meparji pusi neli matha. Seta labangso akido ke nangli Gauhati ZOO road alomsi BSNL broadband internet pensi nangkilo pu nilichinidam.
    Ahok alam abangke nili ladak Karbi Information Network along tokte aprang pensi paper media lapen electronics media alongsi keklang paprang penangandolo. Hulahai alamsi neli kipithu lapen nililam kepaklarthu. Jongsi nili lam pahancha pu asonte nili pap amun pedonang. Lapen rat ta nangthek prong loke. Ili ahok alam koanlo kepatu unji. Nili tum along press release lapen press report a cutting hai hui kibi dundo. Athema mo arnisi nilitum Karbi Anglong arat aphan thak nangkok tahai pu pen chesik nangkok.
    Song hini angbong ning chingsam unji un-e alam abangke rikacherungtang KLNLF asongja atum aphanle arju ikdetnon.
    Press along nilitum longlo. Ketok lapuhenlo lapen kaningje ta do (Ahom alam pen) – Rejak Dera -”Ami ketiya o UPDSor logot ek hobo nuwaru anki Eke logot bohibo nuwaru”. ”Ki o nu honghothonor morjada o belek anki amar dabi bur-e hokulu o ekey nohoi” pusi kipu. Pen son ta ningje thu lang je UPDS ke ULFA ‘A’ and ‘C’ company totha amar KLNLFor breakaway RENIGRADE group puta nangir thulang. Nanglitum jongsi la an kematha thek abangphu atumpute pi apotsi lahai alam pakeng dunthekthe detma? Lapen alangli tum surrender aprang aprang Karbi asong kedoan atum kepare dam je KLNLF lapen UPDS angbong isivet dothekvek nangji pu kipu, kepare, choningriddam alam piapotsi KLNLF ardi pipedet lo? Lahai nanglitum ason son akam kalima kepekeng dun nangji? Lapen Maiphu Pradip Terang@ P. Dili ke nonanta FORMALLY SURRENDER delang. Chorolo gorment aphan pamanghu thek apot. Te kopi apotsi alanglitum (Habe tokbi, Thongso, Rejakhai lapen songja) aduk enghoi lapen patherak thap weretlo? Abang wae mate jail pen jokje angko surrendered det hele anta gorment aphan chipi chehodailap. Lake pisi akemelang song aphan? Kechokche pu kedin pensi ajehak song keklem atumke surrender dundedetsi hele kaman inghu pen akaprek asong kacheseng pini KLNLF (AT) ilitum theklongprongloke. Pen non puthot khei hijan nagbong kacheap, kachepathi , kacharwo nangdothukok mate surrender KLNLF gorment atoi-ani ahukum keklemnang kalima? Ehutisi UPDS aphan RAW agent, IB agent, Gorment Machinery lapenke Systematic Surrender pu akoi kipi non surrender KLNLF asong lason charju unjima alanglitum? Lake kechokche ”Kangthoktang angthek kachejoi kalilangma”? Pasarlamthedo ”Siningle ingthokte emahangchero apot” ”Lang adoho nopak kechor ekeng arkong chero apot”. Ta nonputa UPDS asongke surrende delang lapen hormu Hele Kaman ta gorment aphan hodaidelang. Si nonili linpamelote longdamji UPDS aphan kekoi, kahengno alamakam KLNLF pen chomathathurong pulote nili kipuji alamthe do-o e lo UPDS mate KLNLF atumangbong. Lapen nili pini KLNLF asong aphan ajatle matha ningje pusetame nilitum asong ahukum awete nili klem unji puke chematha un-e. Song alam ardi chepi thek the abang lepute lake Akehai Computer Rongpi mate Sikari Rongpi Foreign Secretary. Borlengiri Vophong Tokbi asor Lapen Mensing Tokbi mate Willingson Timung, Commander in Chief, Dikhlem,Hawaipur asor la alanglitumta song alam kacharjuje ason si apran song pen karmut ason niliphanta asong dengnagkokji.
    Lapen nagli neliphan ningkejangje ajoine nili English kechokche nekethan apot chorolo. Kardom. Seta kopu alang. Nilita class x (Ten) ta pass dunde abangke. Ko ansi thek alang. Seta bor-i dunlo. Epi alamta kalidet amat chokwek nangji pu matha kranglo.
    UPDS asong pining pen ningkan throksi aprang cease-fire ended aphi gorment pen lamthama dode aprang Karbi kado kawe kethek kere lapen Karbi hamphang asong kedo an aphanta choningri si krungsai amai along akerap chohanglo. Lapen Karbi Anglong a college kedo an union body along Karbi a osomar atum aphanta chingwai ponlinraplo 2003 lapen 2007 aningkan. Ta nanglison hong nangbar dunhaihe mate gorment aphan kaphere nangcheklang anta haihe aise. Nanglison achar pen dodunparengme ansi nonpuanta theklong. Nangli neliphan thekthe pusipulo. Ente Akehai Sar. Elwin Teron lapenke Akehai Sar. Dharamsing Teron English lapen contitution kethek, autonomy ahistory kethek pusi kachehok atumaphanta ” Pilo kepon nangji. Latumdetloma kethek weret” puta kaningjedun abangdothulang, Thekthe pusi Chairman abarim Sar. George Millik lapen MLA Sar. Mansing Rongpi aphanta kacheponlo. Ta Congress (I) aparty pen nengchekhangdunlap. Ladak kosonsi ili matha alangente? Netumta thek he puamat chethekrep. Hapadu kachingri abang waedet. Lasi ko RONGBANGHAI upai kawe ongsi nelike saikejokjesi keklem bor-i. Apor dolang nonta wangiknon. Nanglita non drafting ahut nangcherap dun non. Karbi arat ahirjume elipiji.
    China, Russia, lapen do-o lang, Alanglitum India adet nangkahumri kewang ta English ningjejepin penta wangbomlo dambomlo. Amena alam penloksi kaningje kachethan TV along thekdunlonglo.
    Kethek kere abang kawe ongsi niliphanke “HONGWAT KITHU ABI SI NANGKAPINCHONGLO. MATHA KRANGRINON KO RONGBANG!! Ajatle punon chorolo nangliphan. Nangkapare dunthek apot. Monit akai arjonke choklim abang awelo lapen jirpi jirpo, charju chethan, chemum lapen chepare seroi lasonsi jirpi jirpo pulo. Kajinso,Kachekobir lapen kadiya henlo monit apun kethenai.
    Ethe alam ko RONGBANG nangli pulo emena angbong kechokche alam ke chepakeng paprang nagji pu tangte ari kacherungtang KLNLF atum kekaike ta Karbi Anglong SP alongsi ajat alamledo seta complain dampo nangpabisarpo pherejimenepu. Seta laso aSP penke UPDS si kachetong paprang pumathakrang alanglitum. Ilitum Karbi angbong Karbi Lamet Amai lapen Karbi Cultural Society lapen kaprek kaprek lahai asong atum alam ardi pipen pipot ente UPDS alpen KLNLF angbong lam chepamit thekthe detlo? Ahom aSP komat amonit mati ko la Karbi asong angbong nangkachejok lapen nangkapakeng dun nangji abang. Mate ”Ketiya-o eke logot bohibo nuwaribo” ”ketiya-o eke thakibu nuwaribo” pu apot tong UPDS chetongdunde detna putong alangtum kemathama? UPDS asong la an kaphere lapen kechokche asong kaliko RONGBANG. Hangle hang serak nonhe naglipen. Kechokche komatma patinilongpo. Ajat alamta ehutisi menmenle kedokok kali. Lasi apor nangkok kacheme thuji aphanta. Hele ke-ot asong hijan apot matha pidun pamemasi. Athak chingkiprui ke kaita nelitum angbongke do. Muthe ekai dingpi kemesenji aphanle kemathamasi. Kachepameji aphanta keklem abangta kedo nangalang ko RONGBANG!! Ihi alam arju jumesen angko ihi alam arju juthume muchot puansi nangkai litbinji. Thek tangte hini asong aphanta padochomra lamthama pachetok non. Nangliphan Karbi arat ta nagro- archo thu alang.
    Kachepamethuji aphan Akehai Sar. Thongso Teron lapen Soongja Timung Sar. Elwin Teron amahang kethek arni ahemsi kapinkhat tekang alamlo. Je isiwet kedothekji aphan aprangsi Defence level lasoaphi Home alevel aphithu GS lapen Chairman alevel dopaprang matikke confidence mate ningkachethe dothekthe detji pusi pinkhat tekang pen labangso arni amat birta nangpale. Nilitum ke ningkarongongsi laso arniamat instruction chepilaplo kachingwai kechetong dunji aphan lapen Sar. Elwin alongta birta pidunphitlo muthe alanglitum kondition kethom pen nilitum ke isi pidunlo lake ”Kachingwai along Karbi Lamet Amai lapen Karbi Cultural Society nangdo dunnangji an press atumta hong angtan nanglang dunnangjipu. Seta kopi apotlone KLNLF amena atum a proposal pen aphicheruiphaksi epamanghuthuprong. Nonanke alam dothu-o khangjanglo pitong kemanpolone nanglitumle nangpakeng dunikdetnon. Karbi Cultural Society atum aphanta isivetdo nangji pusi pini chelangmesenlo. Chorolo alanglitum KLNLF aphan. Tebonsita non KLNLF asongja atum kopiathesi Karbi Jutang Chingthur Amai mate Karbi Jutang CHETHAK Amai aphan recognition kipinangpo? JUTANG kapachingrum akam keklerm ale dothulangma? Nilitumke isivet ajutang amatsi KJCA pen nanghanglo ta dungji akam awe pen dunta dunde. Piapotsi lahai KLNLF asongja atum chematha munthi pame me detlo? Rulling gorment COUNCIL a CONGRESS (I) pen clelang longpop amat chetengnelaploma? 10 points a demand KLNLF penkipi neli nonputa nili ningdolang. Arni arni Karbi Anglong kangkirkipi alepisi dolangnon? 10 points angbongpen koanlo kepachunpitang? Secret killings, Fake encounter, murder,rape, molestation, atrocities lapen kaprek kaprek aphuthak alamchak kachepi pen JUDICIAL ENQUIRY mate keklempi kepachun doloma? La napen isivet nilikamunthipen ketheklongke. Lake pa SURRENDER lap HELE PACHEPILAP lata ”ZERO POLITICAL DEMAND AND CONDITIONAL TALKS. MP Birensing Ingti pen chenglok Ministeer Khorsing Ingti ha CEM Joyram Engleng antakali ha MLA Bidyasing Engleng, MLA Mansing Rongpi lapen council EMs atum kedoan KLNLF RON MAI KANGTHUR-I ASO ANGNI, ARICHINGMI, AKENG ACHINGMI (RISIM) keplok cheto cheto. Inut ta he he neplokpo. Ha anut kaprekta he he neplokpo pu kachethi chithi. Therakdun thumeme apak. Nilitum ke KAJINSO dunthu ongsi aprogram anta pijut thekthedetsi chewangthulaplo. Lapuson henloma ilitum ekejalin Songja sarpo keklem nangji akam. Karbi Arat aphan patherak.
    Towar cholanglo nagliphan labangso akam keklem pachunpamepo pusi. Athema nanglison nagkipu nangkapare abang awepin lang niliphan. Amatsi thek-o lo pu chetinkoklo. Pholoke nonke alangli Mukrang asanghota RONGBANG di?
Towar cholanglo nangliphan.

  8. Solangdo. says:

    RONGBANG! puke Karbi alam penke Kemanme , kechokche, kelele, kelangmeme me lapen Upai kawe aphan pusipu.

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