Langkaijan Incident condemned by the KSA, UPDS, KHRW and GSU

UPDS Leaders, E.M. CEM visited the affected areas

Diphu , 23 Nov: ( From Kin Correspondence) Yesterday on the 22/11/2010, UPDS leader, Wojaru Mukrang, along with the G.S.  and  Joyram Engleng, CEM, KAAC, Hemari Teron, EM, KAAC, Kuntila Ronghangpi EM, KAAC etc paid a visit to the affected Langkaijan Village, where Karbi houses were burned by the suspected Bangladeshis migrants.  last Sunday , a few Karbi Huts at Pranprilangso ( Langkaijan), under Diphu Constituency of Karbi Anglong  were burned by the suspected Bangladeshi Migrants. A woman named Kache Rongpharpi was also raped by the miscreant.

Mean while, The KSA ( Stalyn) and GSU ( Garo Students’ Union). KHRW ( Karbi Human Rights Watch), and UPDS  has condemned the incident. KSA and GSU has also demanded that illigal Bangladeshis migrant must be pushed away from the Karbi Hills.

One Response to Langkaijan Incident condemned by the KSA, UPDS, KHRW and GSU

  1. Thomas says:

    I feel very sad to hear about the incidents at Lankhaijan. If Karbi people are not safe in their own villages, where else they can get safety and security. As long as we remain divided , we can expect worse things happening to our people. If you sincerely wish peace, progress and prosperity for the Karbis, then give up your greed, selfishness and pride and come together.

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