Khorsing Engti’s Hill Areas Department involved in Multi Crore Scam

Khorsing Engti: Killed a Pedestrian last week and that too after failing in his duty as a HAD minister

Guwahati, Nov 30:  In the latest report of AG ( Accountant General) on the N C Hills Scam ( now Dima Hasao District) said ” The Hill Areas Department of the State Government is the administrative department department for the council.” It is the responsibility of the department to ensure proper functioning of the council including implementation of the various programmes, schemes etc. by evaluation and monitoring. But during the audit, no record of implementation of schemes was found on record. The report clearly indicated that the Hill Areas Department of the Government of Assam failed in its responsibility of keeping a close watch on implementation of various schemes by the council and it cannot ignore its responsibility for huge financial mismanagement over the years.

This report by the AG has indicated that , Khorsing Engti as a HAD minister has terribly failed in his duty if he has not get his share of the diverted money.  It wonders no end to know that all this happened right under the nose of Khorsing Engti without him having any knowledge


5 Responses to Khorsing Engti’s Hill Areas Department involved in Multi Crore Scam

  1. Probin Terang says:

    “Let my people awake”. My dear fellow citizens it time to awake from slumber. All allegations of Corruptions in the Hills District are simple exaggerated. These are all their game plan. The so call ruling class of the Assamese has succeeded in their campaign against Our Autonomy (6th Schedule). The Most Corrupted people are sitting at Dispur, but nobody care about them. By all these alleged corruption Dispur will succeed to diminished Our Autonomy.

  2. Si-im Teron says:

    My Dear Friend Prabin Terang,

    Please stay informed that the AG report is not prepared by Dispur or Assam Government… The Congress Govt. in KA has put into danger our Autonomy… The Congress does not deserve to lead the KA Politics, they simply know to play with money but not development..


  3. Pradip Terang says:

    Dear Si-im Teron
    Dear Teron, I hope you heard about the Assam Government proposed to amend the 6th Schedule in the Newspaper. The amendment will dilute the Financial Power of Autonomous Council. It is not K/A congress but the Policy of the so call ruling class. Even if ASDC/CPI(ML) come to power the same things will happen.

  4. Si-im Teron says:

    If this is the case then, Mr Engti should come out clean. Why is he keeping quite in the midst of all this? We the public only knows one thing, The ASDC brought the Power to KA and Congress of KA is gonna loose it for sure. Moreover it is also to be kept in mind that 6th Schedule can’t be amended by states, It has to be done by the centre. Moreover the amendment was a proposal to include those plain tribal areas also but not to take power away from the Hills.

  5. Prabin Terang says:

    Dear Teron
    I think you are still in your dream. Your dream of inclusion of Plain areas in to the hills is too far to think of. And again ASDC or Congress does not bring Power, but the People of K/A earn by their sweat. I hope you know the State Government has already proposed for amendment of the 6th Schedule to the centre (as per the CM of Assam). Moreover, the proposed amendment will give political and economy rights of the General/plain people in the 6th schedule (reserved for General). Protecting or opposing to any individual or party will not protect the Karbis. Instead we should expose what the truth is.

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