5 UKDA Cadres Lay Down Arms at Diphu

Surrendered UKDA Cadres

Diphu, December 07, 2010 : 5 militants of the United Kukigram Defence Army (UKDA) laid down their arms and chose to return to the mainstream here at Diphu on 06 December 2010. Brigadier A Bhuyan, Commander of the Chindits Brigade accepted the laying down of their arms in a public ceremony that was also attended by Mr S N Barman, ACS, Deputy Commissioner, Mr K K Sarma, the Superintendent of Police, East Karbi Anglong and prominent citizens from the Kuki community. The five militants including Sergeant Seitinmang Gangte, Corporal Lamminlal Gangte,  Lamngul Hmar, Thanglenkap Khongsai, Khikhohao Sitlhou, are barely into their twenties, with the oldest amongst them being 23 years of age. However, all of them are well trained and well equipped. They surrendered 2 AK-47 rifles, 1 M-20 rifle, 1 US made Carbine and 1 pistol to Brigadier A Bhuyan.


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