Karbi (Plain) bodies demand ST status

By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Dec 11: The Karbi Students’ Union (KSU) and the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar have flayed the State Government for its “lackadaisical attitude” towards fulfilling their long-standing demands of including the Karbis living in the plain districts of Assam in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) list and forming a development council for them.
At a joint press conference today in Guwahati, Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar general secretary Ajit Kathar said,“We have been agitating for a long time for grant of ST status to the Karbis living in the plains of Assam. The State Government has initiated no steps in this regard. We are deprived of constitutional safeguard of our rights. It almost appears that the Government is not concerned about our problems and development.”

Continuing his tirade against the State Government, Kathar said,“ Way back in 2009, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had announced in the Assembly that a development council would be formed for the Karbis of the plain areas. But because of a political lobby, this development council was named the Amri Karbi Development Council. The Karbis of the plain areas will never accept a development council in the name of Amri Karbi Development Council.”
Echoing similar sentiments, KSU president Bhugeswar Teren said,“Long back the Karbis were mainly concentrated in four areas and one of the areas was Amri, now in present Karbi Anglong. A section of Karbis who came from Amri to the plains identify themselves as Amri Karbi. The development council for the Karbis of the plain areas of Assam should be named Plain Karbi Development Council and not Amri Karbi Development Council.”
The two bodies have taken strong exception to the notification issued by the State Government (TAD/BC/491/07pt/131 dated 12/11/2010) for formation of Amri Karbi Development Council despite demands from various plain Karbi bodies to rename it as ‘Plain Karbi’. Both bodies have alleged a political conspiracy in this matter.

Kathar said,“This is conspiracy of Social Welfare Minister Akon Bora for electoral consolidation of votes.” The two bodies have appealed to the State Government to concede to the demands of the plain Karbis.


One Response to Karbi (Plain) bodies demand ST status

  1. Romon Ronghang says:

    I request the goverment of assam to look after this issue. The Karbi residing in the plains of assam should be given the ST status like the Karbis in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, and there should be a development council for them.
    If the Karbis living in the hills of assam have give the ST status and have a council, why not the Karbis living in the plains of assam should given the ST status and development council. They have the right for this…


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