Mass rally at Dokmoka

Congress not oppose to Peace Accord of UPDS- Hemanta Biswa Sharma.

From our Correspondent

Dokmoka, Jan 23: As the Assembly election is nearing, the poll campaign is gearing up in Karbi Anglong. On Saturday, challenging the UPDS supported peace organization PAPA, a mass rally was organized at Kharsing Engti’s Howraghat home constituency at Dokmoka HS School playground where comprising State Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP and observer of the Karbi Anglong-Dima Hasao, Chandan Bagshi along with KAAC EMs and other senior congress leaders took part in the rally. Recently, the ASDC and PAPA peace organization organized a mass rally at the aforesaid place where thousands of people gathered. As a counter of it, the Congress also organized Gana Jagaran rally at the same place where thousands of people gathered from different sections.

While, attending the mass rally as chief guest, the State Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sharma criticized the ASDC-CPI (ML) and the UPDS supported newly formed PAPA peace organization.

Speaking on the UPDS’s peace accord, he said that Congress has nothing to object on the UPDS peace accord but they are campaigning to grip public support for political mileage blaming the Congress Government leveling different allegations which is not right. He said adding that UPDS should be aware that Congress is ruling in Delhi, Dispur and Diphu respectively.

Highlighting on the proper governance of the Congress, the Health Minister Dr Sharma said that the Congress Government has brought a new scenario of development and peace in the State since they came in power. Pointing out on the then ASDC-CPI (ML) tenure, he reiterated that except spreading of violence, clash and misappropriation of different social development funds they could not do anything well. Even they failed to provide salaries of employees’, he added. Meanwhile, addressing the public, he revealed that the government is committed to establish university in the district if the Congress emerges winner from all the four LACs in Karbi Anglong.

During the mass rally, Chandan Bagshi, Rajya Sabha MP and observer of the Karbi Anglong-Dima Hasao districts also addressed the rally and criticized the AGP and BJP parties.

One Response to Mass rally at Dokmoka

  1. N W T says:

    Screw You Himanta…. Yes, Its true that Congress is ruling all the 3D(Delhi, Dispur and Diphu) but they are (EMs, MP, CEM) still failed to bring the article 244(A) for our Karbi Anglong. Instead of doing that they are giving up some of the departments from KAAC. They don’t even know how to take care all these. They don’t deserved to be the ruler of KA. Now the Youth of KA has grown up, they have got third eye(Complete Education) to decide who will be better for our future. We don’t care about politics, we hate this, and talking about UPDS, they don’t have the support of 3D with them that’s true but at least they have fought enough to give us a gift like “Peace Accord”. which is even more better than having a paralyzed body in KAAC.

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