KPLT strikes in KA, 5 injured

Diphu, 26 JAN, 2011: Suspected militants fired at a passenger bus in Karbi Anglong district on Tuesday, leaving three persons, including a child, critically injured. The vehicle was going to Imphal from Guwahati.

A group of armed rebels, suspected to be from the newly formed Karbi People’s Liberation Tigers (KPLT), opened fire on the bus with their automatic weapons when it was crossing Deupani, about 32 km from Bokajan town. The injured have been identified as Inaobi Singh of Manipur, Neko Angami from Nagaland and Z T Mosai. They have been admitted to Santipur Hospital.

SP (Karbi Anglong) Anurag Agarwala said, “A group of suspected KPLT cadres tried to stop the bus at Deupani at 4.15 am. But when they failed to do so, they opened fire on the vehicle and fled the scene. Three persons were injured in the incident. Police have shifted them to a local hospital.” He added that police have intensified operations against the militants and security measures have been beefed up. “Since morning, passenger buses are being escorted out of the district. So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.” The KPLT was formed at Upper Deupani in Karbi Anglong on January 8 with trained rebels of the anti-talks faction of Karbi Longri N C Hills  Liberation Front (KLNLF). tnn

The KIN sources has added that , the militants has fired on the bus because it has defied the call given by KPLT. Earlier, the KPLT has warned through various sources of Media that, they would shot at sight anybody defying the 36 hours call given by them starting last Jan25.



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