PAPA criticizes Congress

From a Correspondent

DIPHU, Feb 6: “The People’s Alliance for Peace Agreement (PAPA) is meant for peace in the hills districts of Assam and for this we must have to root out corruption and bring down prices. To achieve this we have to throw out the corrupt Congress regime,” said Sai Ding-eh, chairman, PAPA today. He was addressing as the chief guest in a public meeting at Bokajan town. He also charged the Congress with trying to tarnish the image of PAPA.

He further said that PAPA will strive to build a Karbi Anglong where people will leave in peace and harmony irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and work for the all round development of the district.

Addressing the meeting, Jagat Sing Engti, MLA said: “It is the Congress way of misleading the masses by saying those who came after 1951 will have to leave the district after signing of the peace accord.” He clarified that not 1951 but after 2011 too an Indian citizen will have the right to reside in the district even after the implementation of Article 244 (A) of the Constitution. The public meeting was presided over by Rajendra Rongpi, senior ASDC leader. The meeting was also graced by a host of ASDC and PAPA dignitaries including Elwin Teron, Ramsingh Tokbi, Roland Killing, Ram Teron and others.

One Response to PAPA criticizes Congress

  1. Harbamon Terang says:

    Ithink there is no different between PAPA and Congress. The only different is Congress is in power where as PAPA are not. It would rather said, PAPA and UPDS also mislead the people of Karbi Anglong on Hemprek/Autonomous State. In PAPA campaign, they said that, UPDS will bring more than Articles 244(A), that also before 26th January 2011. But till now nothing happen. Furthermore, any power under Territorial council or any council cannot compair with Article 244(A). There is a huge different between Power/Authority and Subjects/Department. Please don’t mislead the people.

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