Karbi Youth Festival Kicks off Today

13 Feb, Diphu : The 37th  Karbi Youth Festival will kick off today with the exhibition of Karbi traditional cloths and weaving system. Unconfirmed reports says that this year the festival will be a seven day affair as the organizer of the festival were told by the extremist group, KPLT to end the days event by 7:00 PM in the evening. The KPLT believes that late night social events encourage social misconduct amongst the youth.

However, The organizing committee has clarified that this year the event includes Karbi Traditional Weaving and Cloths section, which consumes maximum time, so is the reason for making the event a seven days affair.

2 Responses to Karbi Youth Festival Kicks off Today

  1. Ibon Teron says:

    Anybody who holds a gun can hold the public to ransom as is evident from the diktat mentioned here. More so in the NE. To what end are these self-styled people willing to drag the very people that they claim to be fighting for is beyond reason and imagination.

  2. habey phangcho says:

    Are they patrons? Are we heading towards progress? Otherwise this seems just another commotion.

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