The Boorish Game of Congress in Karbi Anglong

Nong-e Terang

The overall picture of Karbi Anglong in the coming assembly election will not be unexpected. Among the boorish strategy of the Congress, the most interesting to watch will be Bokajan and Diphu LA. In Bokajan the sitting MLA Jagat Sing Ingti of the ASDC is standing as an independent this time around. This ASDC MLA who voted for Congress in the last Rajya Sabha election saying “it’s for Autonomous State- Implementation of Art 244(A),” is expected to win this time too, as the Congress, along expected lines, fielded a weak candidate in the form of Klengdoon Ingti, a kid and a greenhorn and also the son of siting MP Mr. Biren Sing Ingti. This candidate without any organisational involvement will hardly get the votes of grassroot level .

Congress workers in Bokajan constituency whose sole qualification is – he is the son an MP. The big idea in Bokajan LA is – Congress can win, but will not let themselves win. They are offering the seat to Mr. Jagat Sing Ingti on a platter. This is being done so to counter anti-incumbency factor in Karbi Anglong and thus poor Mr. Klengdoon Ingti is made a sacrificial goat. However this ‘sacrificial goat’ may become something in the coming days in Karbi Anglong DCC if the Congress workers don’t protest much.

Now, the picture in Diphu LA. The HAD Minister Khorsing Ingti of the “Bangladesh routed fund” reciever fame in the NC Hills Council Development Fund Scam; who is contesting from Howraghat LA seat himself is sponsoring former IAS bureaucrat Mr. J.I. Kathar; who very recently retired as the principal secretary of BTC to counter sitting Congress MLA and parliamentary secretary Mr. Bidya Sing Ingleng. The patronage given by Minister Ingti to the retired IAS officer is an open secret now. In all this ‘secret’ politics among the Congress own, the Bodo votes are reportedly swinging towards Mr. Kathar. But, even in all this melee Mr. Ingleng is expected to win, albeit with a decrease margin from the previous election.  PAPA consensus candidate George Millick does not stand much of a chance and most of the voters expressed surprise at the choice of candidate.

If anyone is going to benefit from the infighting among the KADCC it is the BJP. The BJP candidate in Diphu LA seat is Mr. Padma Maibangsa, who have his native home in Tumpreng of Hamren Sub-division. This man having a family history of firm friendship with Karbis, may be the ‘surprise’ winner in Diphu LA.
Among the picture emerging in the last few days is a major threat to the congress in Hamren Sub-division of Karbi Anglong district. The pretigious seat of Baithalangso LA was formerly represented by former minister and former ASDC strongman Mr. Holiram Terang, who lost to sitting MLA Dr. Mansing Rongpi in 2006 assembly election due to infighting. The challenge is coming from the BJP candidate Mr. Arun Terang; who incidentally is a close relative of former Minister Holiram.

Arun Terang, who got upwards of 15,000 votes in last assembly election, 2006, is expected to get a bonanza of votes from the supporters of Holiram Terang. As for ASDC strongman Mr. Jotson Bey, who is standing as an independent this time will not be much of an actor worth watching, at the most he may come in at No. 3.

In Howraghat LA, sitting MLA and HAD Minister Khorsing Ingti will make a comfortable comeback. The most interesting drama that will unfold, once again, after election is the tussle that will ensue between Khorsing Ingti and Bidya Sing Ingleng for a cabinet berth at Dispur.

Amid all drama and high rhetoric of PAPA leaders just a few months before assembly elections they are now showing themselves to be weak the knees and acting as a B Team of the Congress. This is, to say the least- a very degrading act of the ASDC on whom once the Karbi people repose their faith on.


One Response to The Boorish Game of Congress in Karbi Anglong

  1. thangthang teron says:

    Hi Nong-e, Your allegation against Mr JI Kathar has shown that, you are still nascent in Journalism. An analysis writing on such important matter need a thought full and wise judgment. Since, you have insufficient of journalistic mindset and thought. Being a Journalist You cannot charge someone without facts and proofs.

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