EM Ronghangpi; now in the guise of a ‘Fighter’

2 supporters of retired IAS officer JI Kathar beaten up

Diphu, 23 Mar 2011 :The assembly election scene in Karbi Anglong district; Assam had been lacklustre in the last couple of days, but not anymore. On the Wednesday March 23 some grassroot level Congress workers unhappy with KAAC EM Kuntila Ronghangpi, wife of Congress candidate for Diphu LA seat MLA Bidya Sing Ingleng, who is also a parliamentary secretary, Assam were beaten up in Diphu Railway Colony. Thus the Congress infighting coming out in the open.

Joysing Rongpi, who got assualted

The grassroot level Congress workers [PCC(I)] who were working for rivel candidate retired IAS officer Mr. J.I. Kathar, contesting as an independent were allegedly assaulted by a mop lead by non other then EM Kuntila Ronghangpi. Kathar’s supporters were organising a meeting when the incident occured.
The two who were beaten up are identified as Joysing Rongpi and Budasing Ingti. According to them – EM Kuntila Ronghangpi reach the meeting venue along with her ‘right hand man’ Bireswar Hanse who lead the assault along with some others just when they were preparing the place. After the incident Kathar’s supporters shifted the meeting venue to residence of one Bey ‘Army’ at Bagmari.
At the finally held meeting candidate Kathar told the gathering to vote for a candidate who is of ‘good character; perhaps hinting at the behaviour of his rival. He also attended other meetings on that day at Rongcheklam, Bagmari and Rongmili.
At this rate of Congress infighting, the net gainer will be BJP candidate Padma Maibangsa, a Dimasa man well liked by the Karbi.

Now it will really be interesting to see the response of JI Kathar after this incident. Lets wait and watch the funny but ugly games of Politics.


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