who is going to win KAATC Election 2012

Poll as much as you can. No one is going to know as identity will be kept secret . Encourage your friends also to vote as to get the closest consensus


One Response to who is going to win KAATC Election 2012

  1. sarkuru says:

    The congress party has always been trying to fool the KARBIS by making false promises the time when elections r nea, one two years back mr himanta biswa sarma has made a promise of throwing back the siu in the brahmaputra river if the people of KARBI ANGLONG votes for the congress and make them victorious’ but till date it has not been done.The people of KARBI ANGLONG r not folols!this time v r gonna OVERTHROW the congress party…a party who have worked against the interest of the KARBI community ,of our community,a party who have always tried to create a division between the TRIBALS of assam.Favouritism and nepotism is the hallmark of the congress party of india….so guys..letz dfeat the congress this tym! letz OVERHTROW THEM!v dnt need such kinda inefficient so called leaders…..LONG LIVE KARBI ANGLONG!

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