197 Polling Station Declared Sensitive, 33 Very Sensitive and 3 Hyper Sensitive

Secret Ballots to be used instead of EVM

DIPHU, DEC 27: In a press meet held today by the Assam state election commissioner, Shri Biren Dutta at Diphu Circuit house more than half of the polling stations has been declared as sensitive. A total of 197 polling station has been declared sensitive, 33 remote and inaccessible stations as very sensitive and 3 polling stations as hyper sensitive.

Admitting the senstivity, he however assured that all measures will be taken for the smooth and successful KAAC election. He further added that Media Cell will be setup at Diphu, Hamren and Bokajan. He has also warned that the commission will not allow any kind of manipulation either pre or post poll.

With unconfirmed reports of clashes between activist of PAPA and INC coming in from different parts of West  Karbi Anglong, the declaration has come as expected.

Mr Dutta has also informed that Secret Ballot will be used instead of EVM in this Council election to uplift the recommendation of  the KAAC Constitution.

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