Seva Dal joins Independent candidate

From a Correspondent
HAMREN, Dec 27: Dissatisfied with the decision of the Congress high command of Karbi Anglong in allowing party ticket to the candidates for the ensuing Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) elections, the Seva Dal of Bithung Rengthama cutting across all the party’s principles and rules joined with Bajong Tisso, who is contesting the election from Bithung Rengthama MAC Constituency as an Independent candidate on being denied party ticket. Sika Ronghangpi, organizer women wing of Bithung Rengthama said that in the last election as per principles and rules of party they were with Tuliram  Ronghang, the party nominated candidate for Bithung Rengthama but due to his hollow promises and negligent attitude towards them in the last five years has sown a seed of discord among them. Hence they decided to join the Independent candidate. Bajong Tisso, the two time consecutive MAC from Bithung Rengthama alleged that Congress party nominates the highest bidder as their party candidate for election. In this election its party candidate Tuliram Ronghang will be in third position and alleged that he paid huge amount to the party high command to get the ticket. It is to be noted that in almost 23 MAC constituency, out of 26 seats the Congress disgruntled leaders are contesting as Independent candidates for the ensuing KAAC elections

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