‘We need to change the system of governance’ – Horen Bey

From a Correspondent

DONKAMOKAM, Dec 30: “Karbi Anglong’s development is a far cry, we have experienced darkest years during the past 10 years, and so we need to change the system of governance for development of Karbi Anglong and for the implementation of the MoS”. This was disclosed by Horen Bey, chairman of PAPA in the election meet at Satgaon HS field yesterday, who is also the candidate of Rongkhang Constituency. Only the Ingty and Engleng families has developed through these years, he mentioned.

He also attacked Sing Teron, sitting MAC for 10 years, and Congress ruled KAAC, who has failed to implement the expectation of the people and asked the voters to uproot the Congress from Karbi Anglong. In the meet, Seng Rongpi, ex-MAC, and one time Sing Teron’s right hand Bipul Nath yesterday went to PAPA and both of them severely criticized Sing Teron. John Sangma, general secretary of KAGU, Narayan Das, president of Bengali Samaj and Chandra Rongphar also spoke on the occasion. The meeting was presided over by Harsing Teron, ASDC’s district president.

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