Gun display by former insurgent in Diphu

(From Special Correspondence of KIN)

Diphu: Alex Singh a former KPLT militant who surrendered on 26 Jan. 2012 on Republic Day openly displayed his pistol in Diphu town. On the afternoon of Jan 31, 2012 he happen to have an altercation with a youth when the car he was riding tailgated a bike.

Surrendered KPLT member, foreground, Alex Singh, openly brandishing a pistol in Diphu town, Karbi Anglong. In the background are his men beating up a youth, on the left.

A trifle matter that can be solved with a little politeness was blown out of proportion when Alex Singh draw out his pistol and openly threaten the youth. Somehow KLNLF militant leaders got wind of the incident and reached there. Local reporters were already there when the biker youth was being beaten up by the former militant Singh.

The incident left people wondering as to how a surrendered militant, who is now a civilian can go around town with arms. People are saying that some quarters might have an interest in keeping surrendered militants with arms in order to carry out doubtful activities. Such incidents are a precursor to bringing ‘gun culture’ into the society.

One Response to Gun display by former insurgent in Diphu

  1. ricks rongpi says:

    Its reali sad to kno tat evrybdy is livin fr thr ownslf. If ask about militncy in karbi anglng it paind my heart. Wen wil v gt to c n xpriencd da new dawn… Wil d so cald leadrs do sumthn bout it or wil dey end thr lyfs simply runin ftr da moni n wrldly pleasrs?? Plz…lets wrk fr da btrment!”

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