New KAAC executive body declared.

New KAAC Executive body.

1. Joyram Engleng, CEM – Finance, Personnel (Council and transffered sector), GAD, All centrally sponsored schemes/ projects and any other subjects not allocated to any other EMs.
2. Jivan Ch. Pathak ,EM – Water resourse, town and country planning.
3. Dominik Uphing Maslai, EM – DRDA, P&RD.
4. Bhuban Ch. Terang, EM – Forest and Environment, Tourism.
5. Premola Beypi, EM – Social Welfare, ICDS
6. Bidya Sing Rongpi, EM – PHE, Art & Culture.
7. Mongol Sing Timung, EM – Agriculture
8. Longki Timung, EM – Soil Conservation, Co-Operation
8. Raton Engti, EM – PWD
9. Alice Engtipi, EM – Handloom &Textlies, Sericulture
10. Ashok Teron, EM – Health & Family Welfare
11. Tuliram Ronghang, EM – Education
12. Pradip Difusa, EM – Animal husbandry & Veterinary, Library


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