Karbi students’ body criticizes government’s apathy

GUWAHATI, Feb 16: The Amri Karbi Students’ Union (AKSU) has slammed the State Government for not fulfilling the demands of the people of the 18 tribal villages in the Gorbhanga area near West Guwahati along the Assam-Meghalaya border.

Addressing a press meet here on Thursday, president and general secretary of the AKSU Hareswar Ronghang and Bishnu Nandan Teron respectively said that the people of those 18 villages had recently expressed their desire to merge their villages with Meghalaya. “It’s really shameful on the part of the Assam Government. The Assam Government has utterly failed to address the grievances of the people of these 18 villages,” said Teron, “Most of these villages don’t have basic infrastructure facilities despite submission of several demands by the villagers. In the last many years, no government schemes were implemented in those villages. There are no medical facilities, good roads and electricity.”

The villagers also submitted their grievances to the West Guwahati MLA, Hemanta Talukdar, but nothing has been done so far. “The MLA misbehaved with them instead of solving their problems,” alleged Teron.

The AKSU has also urged the State Government to do development works in those backward 18 villages along the Assam-Meghalaya border.

One Response to Karbi students’ body criticizes government’s apathy

  1. Fukun Rongpi says:

    Great works AKSU, Ronghang and his team.Keep fighting for better future of Karbis. We are one and should help each other.

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