Karbi Anglong organisations resent nomination to KAAC

DIPHU MARCH 21 : In the midst of demand for nominating selected ‘Member of Autonomous Council’ (MAC) from sixth schedule tribes, who cannot elect its own representative like the Rengma, Kuki, Shyam etc. most important pressure groups of Karbi Anglong ‘Karbi Students Association’, Karbi Cultural Society, Karbi Anglong Ingenious Youth Association, Dimasa Sahayta Sabha, Karbi Students and Youth Council, have expressed its resentment over nomination of non indigenous persons to the KAAC.

These organizations have alleged Congress ruled KAAC of violating the Indian Constitution by selecting non indigenous tribes to the house of KAAC. The organizations have demanded to revoke its choice.

Alike the Karbi civil societies the association of Kuki village headman of Karbi Anglong have resented the decision of the congress ruled KAAC for not inducting MAC to the council from Kuki community.

P T Kipgen chairman of the association has cautioned the present executive committee of the council that if the quandary of the Kukis and their suffering is not looked after, then they will adopt its own policy to fight for the legitimate rights.


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