About us

This Blog is an attempt to build an online archive of materials relating to the KARBIS under the sun, gleaned from various sources that we believe are factually reliable and authentic. The Blog is dedicated to create a network of information on the Karbis and build up a support system through regular updating of vital news and events. In a sense, the Blog wishes to strengthen a KINship of information of issues that are likely to affect the Karbis as a whole, irrespective of region, religion or other considerations.

The Blog therefore welcomes views, reviews and materials for publication that fulfil the editorial requirements in the interest of further growth of the KIN.

Kardom and Best Wishes!

Morningkeey Phangcho

( Administrator)

Important: Please note that all articles and news items being published here are not at all the viewpoints of KIN. Therefore, it must not at any point of time be assumed otherwise and biased in the part of KIN. This is a public Blogsite, if anything , Please give your comments in the option provided at the end of each articles.


5 Responses to About us

  1. Kaushik Chowdhury says:

    Dear Morningkeey,
    You have done a splendid job… I know how mich time and sacrifice it requires and this reflects your love for your people..
    Keep up with this humanitarian goal..Yu’ll surly see the sun of your dreams rising…
    Keep in touch,

  2. Dear Sir,
    Your organisation is very informative…..but, can u tell us in details how many Tea garden related persons of your district, whether manager, driver, worker, anyone have been kidnapped & killed in different times by different extremist groups from 1991 to 2009 and from which tea garden belongs to? Our team will be grateful if you help us in this matter, and we will provide your organisation’s name as courtsey….for an example….like :
    1. Sarat Dutta Assistant Manger & Rakesh Kumar kidnapped from bhagawati TE on 22-02-2004 but if returned,then when or dead?….hope u get our points….

    Nothing more and have a nice day a year ahead….

    SAW Team.

  3. Soumya Dev says:

    I run a grass-root activism project that aims to crowdsource terror report. Will be great if you guys can help in reporting from KarbiAnglong. Please check out http://fightterror.net/report and http://fightterror.net/
    You can also reach me at Soumya(at)fightterror(dot)net for any queries/clarifications

  4. Longzon Timung says:

    Dear M.Phangcho,
    You have done again a splendid job… I know you are the person who can do this type of job.Thanks for bringing the site with informative…….

    Longzon Timung

  5. Dear M. Phangcho,
    The way you try to improve the Karbi Akhei website, it’s realy good and we can be able to improve a lot many in future, this we can accept the starting of our development. So your name will be there for future in the History of among our “Sho Karbi Akhei”.

    Dhaneswar Bey
    CSE in ISP (Bangalore)

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