Cong Set to form council in Karbi Anglong

January 9, 2012

PAPA-8, Cong-15, Ind-3

Diphu , 9 January: Congress is all set to form the government in the Autonomous Council of Karbi Anglong. It will be interesting to see the implementation of MOS which was signed between UPDS, Govt..of India and Govt. of Assam

List of Winners

Jagat Ingti- Sarupathar (PAPA)
Samson Tisso — Nilip (PAPA)
Kangjang Terang —Langfer (PAPA)
Surjyo Rongphar –Deopani (PAPA)
Horensing Bey –Rongkhang (PAPA)
Robinson Kro – Lumbajong (PAPA)
Bidyasing Tokbi – Korkanthi (PAPA)
Darsing Ronghang –Phuloni(PAPA)

Sarat Brahma—Langhin (INDEPENDENT)
Pradip Singnar – Singhason (INDEPENDENT
Dhonsing Kro – Kopili (INDEPENDENT)

Joyram Engleng—Duar Amla (INC)
Uphing Maslai—Amri (INC)
Prodip Rongpi –Chinthong(INC)
Rupsing Teron –Socheng(INC)
Mangalsing Timung—Hamren(INC)
Premola Beypi —-Howraghat(INC)
Bidyasing Rongpi –Mahamaya (INC)
Longki Timung –Borjan (INC)
Ratan Engti –Duar Bagori(INC)
Bhuban Ch. Terang –Socheng Dhenta(INC)
Ashok Teron —- Nomati (INC)
Pradip Diphusa –Dhansiri(INC)
Jeevan Ch. Pathak–Bokajan (INC)
Alice Engtipi—Amreng (INC)
Tuliram Ronghang —Bithung-Rengthama(INC)




Congress still in a stronger position with stronger resource and better campaigning tactic.

December 31, 2011

-Nong-e Terang

Diphu, 31 Dec:The Council election scene in Karbi Anglong is heating up. On Thursday, Dec 29 some Congress workers allegedly destroy and set  fire the election monitoring cell office of the Bithung independent candidate Bajong Tisso, who is ex-congressman and present EM. Whereas the recently disbanded extremist outfit UPDS leaders are having a hard time having to keep smiling at all the time. Some local media are projectiong former UPDS leader Kangjang Terang as a star campaigner, but as of now the Congress have no need to worry about it. The trouble for the Congress will begin once they win more than 17 seats.

68.5% cast vote in Karbi Anglong; KLNLF cadres amongst those who voted.

April 5, 2011

From our Correspondent
HOWRAGHAT, April 2: With the rest of other constituencies in the State, the first phase State Assembly polls passed off peacefully in Karbi Anglong. Polling was peaceful in all the four constituencies in the hill district. Despite threat from militant organizations, people came out in large number to cast their votes. The voter turnout in the district was 68 per cent – the break-up being Diphu -66 per cent, Howraghat – 68 per cent, Bokajan -73 per cent and Baithalangso – 67 per cent.

It was fifteen years back the last time that members of the Karbi Longri NC Hills National Liberation Front (KLNLF) had participated in elections in Karbi Anglong district. According to reports received, altogether 87 cadres of two separate designated camps of the outfit exercised their franchise for the first time in 15 years in the State Assembly elections.

As per directive of the Election Commission of India, the KLNLF militants staying in designated camps had been provided facility to cast their votes. The Assam Election Commission had notified that the ex-militants lodged in the designated camps in Assam and having their names in the electoral rolls would be entitled to vote through postal ballots. Accordingly, altogether 41 KLNLF cadres of the two designated camps exercised their votes.


March 24, 2011


Click on the name for details, like assets, criminal case etc……


KHORSING ENGTI, is a sitting MLA from this constituency. He will be contesting in INC (Indian National Congress) ticket.  He is Hills Area Development Minister in the present Assam Cabinet. He is in the good book of the Tarun Gogoi’s  group in Assam Pradesh Congress Committee. During his tenure he was surrounded by various controversies . He was alleged to be involved in multi crore scam by the oppositions. He was also involved in an accident killing a pedestrian in Nagaon district. He is an old timer in the politics of the hills of Assam.

HORI TERANG, is again relatively another new face. He will be representing AGP ( Asom Gana Parishad). Not much information about him could be gathered. He is however believed to be loyalist to the AGP brigade of the district, where AGP has not much penetration.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

TAPAN TERON, is again another new face in the hills of Assam. he will be contesting the election with BJP ticket. Not much information about him could be gathered. He is however believed to be a seasonal politician and a loyalist of BJP.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

CHOMANG KRO, is ASDC leader, who once spearheaded Autonomous State Movement in the hills of Assam. He will be contesting the election as an Independent Candidates under the banner of PAPA ( Peoples Alliance of Peace Agreement).

He is also projected as a leader, who would bring peace in the once blue serene hills of Assam.  Earlier he contested under the banner of ASDC.


( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

DEWAN RONGPI, was an a member of CPI (ML). He will be contesting the election as an Independent Candidate. he has some sporadic influence in the constituencty. Though not much Information about him could be gathered. He is said to be a seasonal politician in the areas.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)


JAGATSING ENGTI, is a sitting MLA from Bokajan constituency. He will be contesting the coming election under the banner of PAPA. He has been elected under the banner of ASDC since the last one and half decades.  If  he wins this time, he will be the longest serving non congress MLA from Karbi Anglong since Independence of India.


KLENGDOON ENGTI, is a new face in the politics of Karbi Anglong. He will be contesting the election from INC ( Indian National Congress) ticket. He is one of the new face considered by AICC ( All India Congress Committee)  for the forthcoming Assembly Election of Assam. He will also be the youngest candidate amongst all in Karbi Anglong at 26 years old . He belongs to the Engti regime of the Political Family of Karbi Anglong. He is the son of  the present MP Birensing Engti. He is one of the riches candidates ..Please click on the name to know more

CHANDRA RONGPI, is a low profile candidate of TMC ( Trinamul Congress). TMC will be contesting election in Karbi Anglong for the first time. He is a seasonal politician of Bokajan Subdivision. ( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)





(Mrs) SANDHYA RANI SANGMA, is the only female candidates contesting in the hills of Assam. She will be contesting with the colours of BJP ( Bhartiya Janata Party). She has been an activist of BJP for long. She belongs to Garo Community and hopes to capture minority votes.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

19-DIPHU (S.T)

J.I. Kathar (Jones Ingti Kathar), an erstwhile IAS Officer is one of the most outspoken, fearless, outstanding bureaucrat to emerge from Karbi Anglong. His entry into the political arena isn’t sudden nor has there been any prior political ambition. The people of Karbi Anglong …have been relentlessly let down by failed leadership except the founding Father of Karbi Anglong, Lt. Samson Sing Engti. He feels and also expresses the silent cry and the need of the people to be rescued from the political and social onslaught in the form of weak leaders, imposing policies from all quarters of establishment. With the firm conviction and resolution to fight corruption, and to bring development in the hill district, he is contesting in the forthcoming MLA election as an independent candidate from prestigious Diphu Seat.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)


BIDYASING ENGLENG, is a long time politician. He will be contesting the election in an INC ( Indian National Congress) Ticket. He is the sitting MLA to the Assam Assembly. He was a Parliamentary Secretary during the last Assembly.  He has been representing Diphu Constituency for a decades now. He has had a good margin of Vote share during the last election. However, It will be interesting to see him winning this time as he has some incumbency issues cropping out after ruling for a decade and the recent political development in the hills of Assam.  Seen as a close aide of the leadership in AICC- Assam Chapter and the MP Birensing Engti, he is a very strong contender.

GEORGE MILLICK, is contesting this election as a representative of PAPA ( Peoples’ Alliance for Peace Agreement). He is an Ex- Chairman of KAAC ( Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council), an Ex- Congressman and once considered a black sheep of KACC ( Karbi Anglong Congress Committee) . He resigned from congress at the heat of corruption allegation made by him towards the present leadership and joined hand with ASDC ( Autonomous State Demand Committee) and has decided to contest this election from PAPA.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

PADMA MAIBANGSA, is projected as a loyal BJP man. Ethnically a Dimasa, he has been contesting the election with BJP Ticket. This time over he is in all hope to cash in on the vote division that is sure to happen with all the high profile candidates in the fray. He is an underdog for the Diphu Seat and can sprang surprises with the result, which only time will tell. He contested as an Independent Candidate last election.





DR. MANSING RONGPI, is a sitting MLA from the constituency. He has faced several criticism for not uttering a word in the whole of his tenure. However he was able to keep his sear intact for the last one decade. He will be contesting the election with INC (Indian National Congress)’s Ticket. He is seen as a person, who does not present much case about his constituency in the Assembly house. He is seen as a strong contender for the seat.

ARUN TERANG, is the president of the district unit of BJP. He will be contesting the election with the ticket of BJP. He is the only person who had stayed with BJP since the beginning of its entry into the hills of Assam. He is a BJP loyalist and have good influence in some areas of the constituency. However, he will be contesting  the Assembly Election for the second time. He may sprung some surprise result this time over.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

JOTSON BEY, has been an active ASDC leader in west Karbi Anglong since its inception. He will be contesting the Assembly election as an Independent Candidate with the support of PAPA ( Peoples’ Alliance for Peace Agreement).  He has been a strong contender and an able leader for the Autonomous State Movement in the west Karbi Anglong. He will give some tough competition to the sitting MLA in the constituency.

( Not much information regarding assets and criminal case etc is available right now)

EM Ronghangpi; now in the guise of a ‘Fighter’

March 24, 2011

2 supporters of retired IAS officer JI Kathar beaten up

Diphu, 23 Mar 2011 :The assembly election scene in Karbi Anglong district; Assam had been lacklustre in the last couple of days, but not anymore. On the Wednesday March 23 some grassroot level Congress workers unhappy with KAAC EM Kuntila Ronghangpi, wife of Congress candidate for Diphu LA seat MLA Bidya Sing Ingleng, who is also a parliamentary secretary, Assam were beaten up in Diphu Railway Colony. Thus the Congress infighting coming out in the open.

Joysing Rongpi, who got assualted

The grassroot level Congress workers [PCC(I)] who were working for rivel candidate retired IAS officer Mr. J.I. Kathar, contesting as an independent were allegedly assaulted by a mop lead by non other then EM Kuntila Ronghangpi. Kathar’s supporters were organising a meeting when the incident occured.
The two who were beaten up are identified as Joysing Rongpi and Budasing Ingti. According to them – EM Kuntila Ronghangpi reach the meeting venue along with her ‘right hand man’ Bireswar Hanse who lead the assault along with some others just when they were preparing the place. After the incident Kathar’s supporters shifted the meeting venue to residence of one Bey ‘Army’ at Bagmari.
At the finally held meeting candidate Kathar told the gathering to vote for a candidate who is of ‘good character; perhaps hinting at the behaviour of his rival. He also attended other meetings on that day at Rongcheklam, Bagmari and Rongmili.
At this rate of Congress infighting, the net gainer will be BJP candidate Padma Maibangsa, a Dimasa man well liked by the Karbi.

Now it will really be interesting to see the response of JI Kathar after this incident. Lets wait and watch the funny but ugly games of Politics.

The Boorish Game of Congress in Karbi Anglong

March 22, 2011

Nong-e Terang

The overall picture of Karbi Anglong in the coming assembly election will not be unexpected. Among the boorish strategy of the Congress, the most interesting to watch will be Bokajan and Diphu LA. In Bokajan the sitting MLA Jagat Sing Ingti of the ASDC is standing as an independent this time around. This ASDC MLA who voted for Congress in the last Rajya Sabha election saying “it’s for Autonomous State- Implementation of Art 244(A),” is expected to win this time too, as the Congress, along expected lines, fielded a weak candidate in the form of Klengdoon Ingti, a kid and a greenhorn and also the son of siting MP Mr. Biren Sing Ingti. This candidate without any organisational involvement will hardly get the votes of grassroot level .

Congress workers in Bokajan constituency whose sole qualification is – he is the son an MP. The big idea in Bokajan LA is – Congress can win, but will not let themselves win. They are offering the seat to Mr. Jagat Sing Ingti on a platter. This is being done so to counter anti-incumbency factor in Karbi Anglong and thus poor Mr. Klengdoon Ingti is made a sacrificial goat. However this ‘sacrificial goat’ may become something in the coming days in Karbi Anglong DCC if the Congress workers don’t protest much.

Now, the picture in Diphu LA. The HAD Minister Khorsing Ingti of the “Bangladesh routed fund” reciever fame in the NC Hills Council Development Fund Scam; who is contesting from Howraghat LA seat himself is sponsoring former IAS bureaucrat Mr. J.I. Kathar; who very recently retired as the principal secretary of BTC to counter sitting Congress MLA and parliamentary secretary Mr. Bidya Sing Ingleng. The patronage given by Minister Ingti to the retired IAS officer is an open secret now. In all this ‘secret’ politics among the Congress own, the Bodo votes are reportedly swinging towards Mr. Kathar. But, even in all this melee Mr. Ingleng is expected to win, albeit with a decrease margin from the previous election.  PAPA consensus candidate George Millick does not stand much of a chance and most of the voters expressed surprise at the choice of candidate.

If anyone is going to benefit from the infighting among the KADCC it is the BJP. The BJP candidate in Diphu LA seat is Mr. Padma Maibangsa, who have his native home in Tumpreng of Hamren Sub-division. This man having a family history of firm friendship with Karbis, may be the ‘surprise’ winner in Diphu LA.
Among the picture emerging in the last few days is a major threat to the congress in Hamren Sub-division of Karbi Anglong district. The pretigious seat of Baithalangso LA was formerly represented by former minister and former ASDC strongman Mr. Holiram Terang, who lost to sitting MLA Dr. Mansing Rongpi in 2006 assembly election due to infighting. The challenge is coming from the BJP candidate Mr. Arun Terang; who incidentally is a close relative of former Minister Holiram.

Arun Terang, who got upwards of 15,000 votes in last assembly election, 2006, is expected to get a bonanza of votes from the supporters of Holiram Terang. As for ASDC strongman Mr. Jotson Bey, who is standing as an independent this time will not be much of an actor worth watching, at the most he may come in at No. 3.

In Howraghat LA, sitting MLA and HAD Minister Khorsing Ingti will make a comfortable comeback. The most interesting drama that will unfold, once again, after election is the tussle that will ensue between Khorsing Ingti and Bidya Sing Ingleng for a cabinet berth at Dispur.

Amid all drama and high rhetoric of PAPA leaders just a few months before assembly elections they are now showing themselves to be weak the knees and acting as a B Team of the Congress. This is, to say the least- a very degrading act of the ASDC on whom once the Karbi people repose their faith on.

Cong to face combined oppn in KA

March 18, 2011

With only days left, fight for the upcoming Assam Assembly election is reaching boiling point here. A sizzling contest will be seen in Karbi Anglong between ruling Congress candidates in one end and combined opposition contestants on the other hand. Added to this, intellectuals are of the view that BJP contender for the Diphu seat may end up as the “Dark Horse”, putting an end to the Congress pre-eminence.
If trend of the last Assembly is to be seen, Congress emerged winner from Diphu, Howraghat and Baithalangso while the Bokajan seat went to ASDC. Howraghat MLA seat, considered as a Congress bastion, is unlikely to witness any real challenges. The Baithalangso MLA seat, from where Congress emerged as clear winner in the last two Assembly elections, is also not likely to see any rigid confrontation; however, selection of candidate here may play a major role in the mind of voters which may influence ultimate outcome of the result.
Meanwhile, in a major breakthrough, PAPA- a conglomeration of various socio-political parties- has finalized the name of its candidates. While George Millick will vie from Diphu, veteran ASDC leader Chomong Kro will compete from Howraghat; Ex- CEM of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council and senior ASDC member Jotson Bey will clash from Baithalangso; and significantly, sitting MLA Jagat Sing Engti will contest from Bokajan for PAPA.
BJP’s candidate, Padma Maibongsa will fight from Diphu, while Tapan Teron, Suniti Sangma and Arun Terang will contest from Howraghat, Bokajan and Baithalangso respectively.
Although no discontentment among party supporters have surfaced till now, specially after declaration of its list of candidates, possibilities cannot be ruled out.
Sources within the party revealed that the national party reposed total faith on the HAD Minister of Assam, and the party high command has once again sealed the deal in favour of K.S. Engti from Howraghat.
The party has expressed total faith on Dr. Man Sing Rongpi and Bidya Sing Engleng who are contesting from Baithalangso and Diphu, whereas for the Bokajan seat, where Congress had to guzzle defeat twice, the party has placed a complete new face this time around to infuse new aspiration among the voters.