Hills Oppose Teachers’ Test

February 22, 2012


Political Litmus Test for the TET

Diphu, Feb. 21: The Autonomous State Demand Committee today asked Dispur to stop including Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao in the pan-Assam teachers’ eligibility test, as recruitment of schoolteachers lies in the domain of the autonomous councils of the two hill districts.

The party said the state-level examination is a violation of the 1995 memorandum of understanding between New Delhi and the local autonomous councils. It said according to the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, an autonomous council is the supreme authority for recruitment and transfer of teachers in schools within the council area and the government should not push the local body to accept any candidate selected by the state.

Party general secretary and sitting Karbi Anglong autonomous district council member Jagatsing Engti today threatened to launch an agitation against the state government’s violation of the Sixth Schedule guideline.

“It is a very big conspiracy of the state government to fill up the vacant posts in the education institutions of the district with outsiders. If such an eligibility test is compulsory, it should be conducted by the council itself,” Engti said.

More than 10,000 job aspirants of the hill district appeared in the state-level eligibility test, of which 468 candidates were successful.

According to the ASDC, of the successful candidates, only 7 to 8 per cent are tribal candidates. This means the state-level test minimises the chances of the districts’ indigenous tribal job aspirants, only 30 to 35 of whom are expected to get through.

Karbi Anglong has 1,405 primary schools, with more than 1,700 vacant posts.

“We cannot quote accurate data, as there are legal tangles around 101 posts. We also conducted interviews for 86 posts of primary schoolteachers last year but they are yet to be recruited,” said education department joint secretary J.C. Daulagupu.

The ASDC today came down heavily on the Congress-led local autonomous council in Karbi Anglong for giving a free hand to the state government to violate the Sixth Schedule guidelines and urged the organisation to work in the interest of the people of the hill district.

“We have unemployed youths in our own district. Why should the state government hire candidates from outside?” Engti asked.

The Congress, however, said introduction of teachers’ eligibility test in Karbi Anglong is legitimate, as it is under the Right to Education Act. “They (the Opposition) should oppose if the teachers’ eligibility test was not held in Karbi Anglong. Job aspirants of the district appeared in the examination and those who passed are going to be recruited soon,” said autonomous council executive member (education) Tuliram Ranghang.


ASDC brays for blood of seven ministers

February 20, 2010

Silchar, Feb 19: The Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC), the erstwhile ruling party in the NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), has demanded immediate arrest of the seven State ministers whose names allegedly figured in the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) report of the politician-militant nexus in the hills district.

ASDC president Rathindra Thaosen said the NIA has unearthed the fact that former Chief Executive Member of NCHAC Mohet Hojai, former Governor of Assam Lt General (retd) Ajoy Singh along with seven other Ministers of the Assam Government were involved in the embezzlement of Rs 1000 crore, meant for the development of the NC Hills. He questioned as to why the State Government was reluctant in taking steps against the accused politicians and demanded immediate dismissal of the Council currently ruled by the Congress.

NCHAC general secretary Manajit Karigapsa said the NIA report has again proved that the NC Hills is a victim of Congress misrule and rampant corruption. The ruling party never paid any attention to the development of the district and the ministers concentrated on siphoning off huge amount of money from the Council exchequer, he alleged. Demanding immediate arrest of the tainted Ministers, Karigapsa said CBI enquiry was a must in the case to unearth the scam.

ASDC district committee Vice-president Ganesh Joishi, on the other hand, said the hills district has been facing acute problem of drinking water and added that the Council employees were denied of their salary for quite a long time. But the Congress Ministers were reluctant to solve these serious issues as they were interested only in looting huge amounts of fund money, he added.

The State Government has not yet released any fund for District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) on grounds that the militants would loot the money. But the NIA report has proved that not only militants, even the Ministers were also involved in the Rs 1000 crore scam. Joishi said the State Government is solely responsible for the pathetic condition of the district which led a group of youth to take up arms.

Karbi District boiling on Autonomous State Issue

December 17, 2009

Normal life remained affected in Karbi Anglong and NC Hills and parts of Assam for the second day following the 60-hour bandh called by the Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC) demanding an autonomous state comprising of Karbi Anglong and NC Hills and another 40-hour bandh called by different Bodo organisations in the six Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District Councils of lower Assam.
Earlier, on Monday a 12-hour strike was called by the CPI (ML) and its Leftist allies like the ASDC (P), KSA and KNCA in support of the demand for an autonomous state. The CPI (ML) called the strike and flayed that the sitting MP from Karbi Anglong and NC Hills was playing with the sentiments of the people of the two hill districts, by maintaining a stoic silence on the floor of the parliament.
The Leftist bodies have jointly submitted a memorandum to the union home minister, P.C. Chidambaram demanding creation of an autonomous state for Karbi Anglong and NC Hills as per Article 244 (A) of the Constitution of India.
They further urged Chidambaram to direct Assam Government to adopt a resolution in the state assembly for creation of autonomous state for Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills like the case of Telangana.
The bandh brought both the districts to a standstill, which began simultaneously at 5 am, Tuesday.
United Peoples’ Democratic Solidarity (UPDS) also extended a moral support to the ongoing strikes.
Amidst the 60-hour strike, another 24-hour bandh will commence from Wednesday under the sponsorship of several organizations like the Karbi Students’ Association, Central executive Committee, KAASDCOM, KARSA and KRA. The organizations have urged the Centre to re-organize Assam and create an autonomous state for Karbi Anglong and NC Hills under the ready made provision of Article 244 (A) of the Indian Constitution.
The KSA, KAASDCOM, KARSA and KRA have jointly decided to launch a series of agitations to pressurize both the union and state governments for implementation of the Article 244 (A). Party workers will also simultaneously organize a hunger strike in New Delhi on December 16.
The string of strikes from Monday has completely crippled Karbi Anglong, starting from educational institutions to Government offices and business establishments. Even the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Secretariat, currently ruled by the Congress is not functioning. Only the office of the deputy commissioner was operating.
Violence during
NC Hills bandh
The 36-hour strike in NC Hills called by a cluster of Dimasa apex bodies like the All Dimasa Students’ Union, DRDC, DPC, DKH etc demanding a separate Dimaraji statehood from Tuesday turned violent as the police and para-military forces allegedly assaulted a large number of volunteers who were trying to enforce the strike call in different places of the three districts of Barak valley.
According to a joint statement issued by the All Dimasa Students’ Union and the Dimasa Peoples’ Council, two women picketers were beaten by security forces while 10 persons received injuries at Dholai, Silchar-Mizoram road. Police also took into custody more than 100 demonstrators and fired 100 rounds of bullets to disperse the aggrieved volunteers.
In the Silchar–Shillong road, more than 1000 picketers blocked the highway. Also along national highway No- 54 connecting Silchar and Haflong, more than 100 demonstrators were picked up by police. The situation was further aggravated when some persons armed with sharp weapons tried to chase away the volunteers.
The two Dimasa bodies have urged the people of NC Hills to maintain calm during the period of strike which has been backed by more than 50 organizations of various tribes and communities proactive in projected Dimaraji area.
The ADSU and DPC also reacted sharply to the statement made by the publicity secretary of Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front, that its frontal leaders have claimed that the entire present Diphu Subdivision was a part of the erstwhile Dimasa Kingdom. “The demand of Dimaraji is fully justified as we are demanding the land that belongs to us and not an inch of soil which belongs to other,” the statement added.

ASDC to step up Statehood demand

December 14, 2009

HAFLONG, Dec 13 – The ASDC has threatened to launch a fresh agitation demanding announcement of a time-frame for implementation of Article 244(A) by the Government of India, stated a press release issued by the ASDC NC Hills district committee. The release maintained that the announcement for creation of Telengana state proved that the Government did not have a policy to create new states after all. But in recent years the Government has by brute force dismissed state demands of tribal groups in the North-East on the plea that the government no longer has a policy to create new states, including the Karbi Anglong and NC Hills demand; otherwise the government has no ground to deny statehood to the twin hill districts.

Autonomous statehood is the commitment of the nation to the people of Karbi Anglong and NC Hills by an Act of Parliament as Article 244 (A) of the Constitution. This commitment has not been honoured and if the mood of theGovernment of Assam is any indication, will not be honored in future. This is deliberate betrayal causing deep resentment in the twin hills which progressively metamorphosed into mass anger and later on into armed struggle. That is the cause of the violence and mayhem that gripped the two hills for the past one decade, and thegovernment should accept full responsibilit.

Autonomous Movement intensified by the Karbi

December 13, 2009

(From Assam Tribune)

Bandh calls

Several organisations based in Karbi Anglong have called a 24-hour bandh in Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills districts on December 16 in support of their demand for the creation of an autonomous State.

Telangana stirs up hornets’ nest; bandhs set to cripple

(From The Sentinel, Assam)

By our Staff Reporter GUWAHATI, Dec 12: Bodoland, Karbiland, Dimaraji, Kamatapur… Assam is witnessing renewed Statehood demands by ethnic groups, thanks to the Central Government’s nod to Telangana. The situation has reached such a pretty pass in Assam that bandhs demanding Statehood are set to paralyse several parts of the State this month.

While several Dimasa bodies, including the All Dimasa Students’ Union (ADSU), Dimasa People’s Council (DPC) and Dimasa Mahila Samaj (DMS), have called a 36-hour Dimaraji bandh covering NC Hills, Karbi Anglong and parts of Nagaon and Cachar districts with effect from 5 am of December 15, the CPI(ML) has called a 12-hour Karbi Anglong and NC Hills bandh from 5 am on December 14 demanding an autonomous State.

The Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC) has also called a 60-hour NC Hills and Karbi Anglong bandh from 5 am of December 15 demanding implementation of Article 244(A) relating to autonomous Statehood.

While four other Karbi bodies led by the Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) have also called a 24-hour Karbi Anglong bandh from 5 am of December 24 demanding autonomous State, the United Democratic People’s Front (UDPF), a Bodo front, has called a 24-hour Assam bandh from 5 am of December 15 demanding a separate Bodoland State. The Indigenous Tribal People’s Federation (ITPF) has extended its support to the UDPF bandh.

The Koch Rajbongshis have also joined the Statehood bandwagon demanding a separate Kamatapur State. As many as nine Koch Rajbongshi organizations of Assam and West Bengal have announced a slew of agitational programmes in support of ‘Kamatapur’. The organizations staged a fast-unto-death agitation today at Coochbehar, and will hold mass rallies in Coochbehar on December 13 and in Dhubri on December 25 in support of a separate Kamatapur State.

This apart, a number of rebel groups are already in existence among these ethnic communities, demanding separate states and sovereign nations.

The National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) seeks a separate Bodoland, the Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) demands a Dimaraji State, the Karbi Longri National Liberation Front (KNLF) wants a Karbi homeland, and the Kamatapur Liberation Organization (KLO) favours a Kamatapur homeland.

The Assam Government has already rejected demands for carving out separate States of the existing one, a decision endorsed by the AGP on the floor of the State Assembly yesterday.

Karbis eye state, not autonomy

– Andhra split echo in Assam

A STAFF REPORTER  [From The Telegraph-Calcutta (KOLKATA)]

Guwahati, Dec. 12: The ripples from Telangana turned into strong currents in Assam today with the Autonomous State Demand Committee threatening to drop its demand for an autonomous state within Assam and launch a movement for a separate state comprising Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills districts.

The ASDC, which is spearheading a movement in the hill districts to create an autonomous state under Article 244 (A) of the Constitution, said the demand for a separate state had become imperative with the Centre failing to implement the article to ensure “free, dignified and prosperous life” for the people of the twin hill districts.

The ASDC’s announcement came a day after the United Democratic People’s Front called a 36-hour Assam bandh on December 14 to demanding a separate state for the Bodos and other indigenous tribal people of the state.

ASDC general secretary Elwin Teron told reporters that the existing Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council and the NC Hills Autonomous District Council have become puppets in the hands of Dispur. He alleged that Dispur calls the shots in every aspect of the autonomous councils in the hill districts.

“The councils have to bribe the officials of the state government to release central funds meant for Karbi Anglong and NC Hills districts. The state government dictates who should be the chief executive member or the executive members in the autonomous councils. Mohit Hojai, who diverted funds meant for the development of NC Hills to the Dima Halam Daogah (Jewel) militants, was made the chief executive member of NC Hills Autonomous District Council through the dictate of the ruling Congress government in Dispur,” he alleged.

“Autonomous statehood is a commitment of the central government to the people of Karbi Anglong and NC Hills under the Article 244 (A). But the Centre has failed to honour the commitment. If the mood of the state government is any indication, the commitment will not be honoured in the near future. This is a deliberate betrayal causing deep resentment in the twin hills districts, which progressively metamorphosed into mass anger and later into an armed struggle. New Delhi’s betrayal is the cause of violence and mayhem that gripped the two hills over a decade,” Teron said.

He said the ASDC would launch a fresh agitation from December 15 to demand the announcement of a time frame by the Centre to create an autonomous state. The agitation will start with a 60-hour Karbi Anglong and NC Hills bandh from 5am on Tuesday.

The ASDC has called upon all those who support the autonomous statehood movement to attend a “mass assembly” in Diphu on December 29 to demonstrate the people’s resolve and chalk out future course of action.

“Any delay now in resolving the autonomous state demand issue is fraught with the danger of separatism and protracted extremist violence in the hills districts. Even though the ASDC wants to live with the Assamese people, it will be forced to demand a separate and independent state out of Assam in case the Centre fails to implement Article 244 (A) at the earliest,” Teron said.

Article 244A was specifically inserted in the Constitution through an amendment in 1969 for the formation of an autonomous state, comprising certain tribal areas, within the state of Assam.

Three State Out of Assam ?

December 12, 2009

Telangana revives demand for Bodo, Dimasa and Karbi States

With the Centre deciding to initiate the process for a separate Telengana, Bodos, Dimasas and Karbis have revived their long-standing demand for separate states carved out of Assam.

The demand for a separate Bodo state was raised in the Assam assembly by Bodoland Peoples Front (BPF), the coalition partner of the ruling Congress on Friday.

Transport Minister Chandan Brahma, who belongs to the BPF, told the house that the creation of a Bodo state was possible and the matter should be considered by the government.

”Our demand for a state was much older than that of Telangana … If Telangana could be created, there is no reason why the Bodos cannot have their own state. We had accepted the Bodoland Territorial Council under the Sixth Schedule as the then NDA government at the Centre had said there was no policy for creation of another state,” he said.

BPF president Hagram Mohilary said, ”We are happy for the people of Telangana and now that the Centre has approved the creation of Telangana state, a separate Bodoland state should also be created.”

The Nunisa faction of Dimasa Halam Daoga (DHD) and United Peoples’ Democratic Solidarity said they would revive their demand for separate Dimasa and Karbi states respectively.

“Moreover we are not asking for a seperate state, we are only asking for an Autonomous State, under article 244(A) , a provision provided in the constitution for us by the then Indira Gandhi goverment”, asserted one of the leader.

Autonomous State in Assam?

December 12, 2009

Delegation meets PM,


Spl Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Dec 11 – Close on the heels of the Centre’s decision to create Telangana, the first delegation from Assam met Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh demanding creation of autonomous State of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills. An eight-member delegation from Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council including MLAs and MP called on the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram to formally announce revival of their demand.

The delegation included Biren Singh Engti MP, CEM Joy Ram Engleng, EM Sum Ronghan, Biraj Singh Engleng, Dr Mon Singh Rongpi, Mangal Singh Engti and Ratan Engti, among others.

Later talking to this newspaper, the Congress MP said that they have conveyed to both the top UPA leaders that though they were not demanding a separate State they have decided to revive the old demand for creation of a State within a State.

The demand concerns two of the most backward districts of Assam. “We want more power under autonomous State according to Article 244 A,” Engti said.

The Congress delegation played its safe though, blaming the Centre for the current mess. It is not the job of Government of Assam to give us more but it is Ministry of Home Affairs, which is shying away from implementation of the Constitutional provision,” complained thedelegation.

The Prime Minister’s response was guarded. He advised the delegation to first discuss their problems with Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi. However, when pressed further, he reportedly assured that the Centre would look into their problems.

Engti, considered close to Gogoi said that the administration in both the districts needed to be up graded from district council to autonomous State. The then Prime Minister, Late Indira Gandhi has inserted the provision in the Constitution. “Why are we discriminated against? Are we second class citizens?” He charged.

He said they conveyed to the Prime Minister that one of the reasons behind the backwardness of the two hill districts was delay in release of funds. The Planning Commission does not release the funds in time and our officers have to sit for months at Guwahati to get the funds released. But by the time it is released the working season is over and the budgetary allocation most often lapses, he said.

The delegation, said Engti also mentioned to the Prime Minister that the two districts have no engineering, medical, technical institution.