Political turmoil in DHAC. Newly elected Chairman Kur Rongpi threatened to be ousted.

February 19, 2012

Haflong , 20 Feb: The Political Equation in Dima Hasao Autonomous Council has once again become very fluid. A sharp difference between congress leaders within the party has virtually created a split in the party. In a recently held Chairman election of the Council, where Kur Rongpi from Garampani Constituency (Umrongso)  won the chairmanship of the council by 5 votes has brought the conflict within the party into the open.

During the election of chairman of DHAC, the faction supporting G C Langthasa , President of DHDCC ( Dima Hasao District Congress Committee ) has supported Depolal Hojai , who got 10 votes where as the faction supporting CEM Debojit Thaosen proposed the name of Kur Rongpi, who got 15 votes.

Meanwhile in a related development, the district unit of congress has resolved to demand the ouster of the chairman and all the executive members who had thwarted the election of Hojai, the party official candidates for the post of chairman. The decision was taken in a meeting held on Friday. This was stated by district congress spokesperson Kalijoy Sengyung and Samuel Changsan, executive member and member of DHAC respectively, who are still loyal to Langthasa and their APCC bosses in Guwahati.

It is interesting to note that those loyal to CEM Debojit Thaosen are those who had joined the party after deserting ASDC and BJP.


New KAAC executive body declared.

February 15, 2012

New KAAC Executive body.

1. Joyram Engleng, CEM – Finance, Personnel (Council and transffered sector), GAD, All centrally sponsored schemes/ projects and any other subjects not allocated to any other EMs.
2. Jivan Ch. Pathak ,EM – Water resourse, town and country planning.
3. Dominik Uphing Maslai, EM – DRDA, P&RD.
4. Bhuban Ch. Terang, EM – Forest and Environment, Tourism.
5. Premola Beypi, EM – Social Welfare, ICDS
6. Bidya Sing Rongpi, EM – PHE, Art & Culture.
7. Mongol Sing Timung, EM – Agriculture
8. Longki Timung, EM – Soil Conservation, Co-Operation
8. Raton Engti, EM – PWD
9. Alice Engtipi, EM – Handloom &Textlies, Sericulture
10. Ashok Teron, EM – Health & Family Welfare
11. Tuliram Ronghang, EM – Education
12. Pradip Difusa, EM – Animal husbandry & Veterinary, Library

Engleng likely to remain Karbi council CEM

January 16, 2012

DIPHU 15 Jan :Congress member Joy Ram Engleng is likely to hold on to his post of chief executive member (CEM) of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) this time too. Engleng beat Pator Phangcho, an Independent candidate backed by Peoples’ Alliance for Peace Agreement (PAPA), a conglomerate of 53 political parties, in the prestigious Duar-Amla constituency.

However, another faction of the party is forwarding the name of Bhubon Ch. Terang, who was the executive member and in-charge of the health, family welfare, town & country planning, town committee affairs of the KAAC. Terang won the Socheng Dhenta seat this time. tnn

“Though Joy Ram Engleng has the maximum chances of becoming the next CEM, Bhubon Ch Terang also stands a chance. The rest is in the hand of party high command in Dispur and Delhi. However, the selection will be done in a democratic way after the consent of majority of the members of autonomous council,” said a top party source.

Though the selection of the chief executive member (CEM) was slated to be before the Bhogali Bihu celebration on Sunday, it will take a few more days to complete the procedure.

The selection of the chairman for the KAAC is completed on Friday after Congress member Rupsing Teron was sworn-in the chairman of the 11th KAAC. Among the 26 winners, he was the only one who expressed the desire to become the chairman.

Mukul Kathar, election officer, Karbi Anglong district, said, “Except Rupsing Teron, no other MAC has registered any nomination for the coveted post.” Teron was the vice-chairman of the council in the last council.

The Congress, which has come to power for the third consecutive term, has 15 winners followed by eight from PAPA. The other three were Independent candidates, one backed by an alliance and two dissident Congress leaders – Pradip Singnar and Dhonsing Kro.

PAPA-backed United Peoples’ Democratic Solidarity (UPDS) joint secretary Surjya Rongpher said, “We got very little time for the election but we will continue our democratic struggle for the proposed territorial council.

The conscious section of society voted for us. If we had time to make people aware about our peace pact with the Centre, we would have fared well.”
It was the first KAAC polls after the UPDS signed a peace pact with Delhi.

Poll results put Karbi pact in jeopardy: UPDS

January 14, 2012

Spl correspondent
NEW DELHI, Jan 13 – After failing to wrest the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) at the hustings, the disbanded militant outfit UPDS has warned that the tripartite memorandum of settlement (MoS) is in serious jeopardy, warning that they may not be able to hold on to a “failed experiment”.

Stopping short of threatening to walk out of the MoS, signed with much fanfare, former chairman of the militant outfit Longsodar Senar in a strongly worded letter to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has said the ex-UPDS leaders and cadres could no longer be expected to hold on to a failed experiment. The government alone should be responsible for any untoward development after this, Senar warned.

According to sources, the militant outfit has complained about not getting a level-playing field and lack of adequate time to reorganise themselves, besides paucity of funds for the poor showing in the polls. It squarely blamed the Assam Government for their poor performance. The ruling Congress retained control of the KAAC, leaving the Karbi militant groups furious.

The chairman has said that it now appears that the rushed election was a conspiracy to finish off the UPDS and the MoS. The election ensured that the avowed anti-accord forces wrested the seat of power. “The fate of the MoS is, therefore, in serious jeopardy,” he warned.

Stating that they consider the handling of the UPDS case a failure, the former chairman alleged that Government of Assam has wilfully refused to honour the solemn commitment made by the Home Minister regarding ‘neutral administration’ till the polls and a level-playing field during the election.

Senar claimed that on August 23, they were assured of the level-playing field, which encouraged them to sign the accord.

Saying that because he was fully conscious of the fact that the UPDS leaders and cadres needed time to adapt and reorient themselves, they had insisted on an interim government. It was rejected by the government. But once the accord had been signed, the election was rushed through, “obviously with a view to deny us the opportunity to pilot the implementation of the accord,” he alleged.

The Government of Assam was petitioned to grant time to lay down arms and disband the outfit, so that they could participate in the election with a sense of urgency. However, as soon as the arms were laid down and the outfit disbanded, a day later election was announced. It left UPDS with no time to re-organise themselves as a political group. “We were also left penniless to face the elections,” the ex-chief lamented.

“Despite our protest the election was brutally forced on us. Predictably, the results had been disastrous, as electoral politics is altogether a different ball-game,” stated Senar.

Rupsing Teron new KAAC chairman

January 12, 2012

DIPHU, Jan 12 – Rupsing Teron, of Congress will be Chairman of the 11th Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC).

Rupsing Teron, who acted as Vice Chairman of the Council, in the last KAAC, submitted his nomination today. His election as Chairman has been confirmed officially today by the party, as  no one else contested for the post.

Mukul Kathar, election officer, Karbi Anglong district, today confirming the news said “except Rupsing Teron, no other Member Autonomous Council filed nomination for the post. He will be conferred oath of office tomorrow”.

KAAC members take oath, race for CEM starts

January 12, 2012

From a Correspondent

Premila Beypi in the Forefront to be next CEM.

DIPHU, Jan 11: The 26 newly-elected members of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) on Wednesday took the oath of office at the KAAC Session Hall at Diphu. Karbi Anglong deputy commissioner Rakesh Kumar administered the oath of office.

The KAAC members took the oath in Karbi, Assamese, English, Tiwa and Boro languages. Out of 26 members, 15 belong to the Congress, eight to the People’s Alliance for Peace Agreement (PAPA) while three are independent.

The members who took the oath of office are Joyram Ingleng, D. Uphing Maslai, Prodip Rongpi, Rupsing Teron, Tuliram Ronghang, Mongolsing Timung, Alice Engtipi, Premola Beypi, Bidyasing Rongpi, Ashok Teron, Bhubon Chandra Terang, Prodip Difusa, Longki Timung, Jivan Chandra Pathak and Raton Engti of the Congress, Horensing Bey, Kangjang Terang, Robinson Kro, Dorsing Ronghang, Bidyasing Tokbi, Semson Tisso, Jagat Sing Engti and Surya Rongphar of PAPA, while Dhonsing Kro, Prodip Singnar and Sarat Brahma are independent members.

Sources said, Veterinary and Hills Area Development Minister Khorsing Engti is putting in every effort to make his wife Premola Beypi the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of KAAC. If necessary, he will try to have an understanding with the PAPA members in this regard, alleged sources. Election for post of KAAC chairman will take place on January 13.

On the other hand, PAPA chairman Horensing Bey told mediapersons after the oath-taking ceremony,“The State Government hatched a conspiracy against us. We were not given ample opportunity to convey the message of the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS), which was signed between the Centre, the State Government and the United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS), to the people. Immediately after the arms-laying down ceremony the election notification was issued. We did not get sufficient time to reach out to the people in the remote areas due to which we could not get a majority in the polls.”

Cong Set to form council in Karbi Anglong

January 9, 2012

PAPA-8, Cong-15, Ind-3

Diphu , 9 January: Congress is all set to form the government in the Autonomous Council of Karbi Anglong. It will be interesting to see the implementation of MOS which was signed between UPDS, Govt..of India and Govt. of Assam

List of Winners

Jagat Ingti- Sarupathar (PAPA)
Samson Tisso — Nilip (PAPA)
Kangjang Terang —Langfer (PAPA)
Surjyo Rongphar –Deopani (PAPA)
Horensing Bey –Rongkhang (PAPA)
Robinson Kro – Lumbajong (PAPA)
Bidyasing Tokbi – Korkanthi (PAPA)
Darsing Ronghang –Phuloni(PAPA)

Sarat Brahma—Langhin (INDEPENDENT)
Pradip Singnar – Singhason (INDEPENDENT
Dhonsing Kro – Kopili (INDEPENDENT)

Joyram Engleng—Duar Amla (INC)
Uphing Maslai—Amri (INC)
Prodip Rongpi –Chinthong(INC)
Rupsing Teron –Socheng(INC)
Mangalsing Timung—Hamren(INC)
Premola Beypi —-Howraghat(INC)
Bidyasing Rongpi –Mahamaya (INC)
Longki Timung –Borjan (INC)
Ratan Engti –Duar Bagori(INC)
Bhuban Ch. Terang –Socheng Dhenta(INC)
Ashok Teron —- Nomati (INC)
Pradip Diphusa –Dhansiri(INC)
Jeevan Ch. Pathak–Bokajan (INC)
Alice Engtipi—Amreng (INC)
Tuliram Ronghang —Bithung-Rengthama(INC)