Poll results put Karbi pact in jeopardy: UPDS

January 14, 2012

Spl correspondent
NEW DELHI, Jan 13 – After failing to wrest the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) at the hustings, the disbanded militant outfit UPDS has warned that the tripartite memorandum of settlement (MoS) is in serious jeopardy, warning that they may not be able to hold on to a “failed experiment”.

Stopping short of threatening to walk out of the MoS, signed with much fanfare, former chairman of the militant outfit Longsodar Senar in a strongly worded letter to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has said the ex-UPDS leaders and cadres could no longer be expected to hold on to a failed experiment. The government alone should be responsible for any untoward development after this, Senar warned.

According to sources, the militant outfit has complained about not getting a level-playing field and lack of adequate time to reorganise themselves, besides paucity of funds for the poor showing in the polls. It squarely blamed the Assam Government for their poor performance. The ruling Congress retained control of the KAAC, leaving the Karbi militant groups furious.

The chairman has said that it now appears that the rushed election was a conspiracy to finish off the UPDS and the MoS. The election ensured that the avowed anti-accord forces wrested the seat of power. “The fate of the MoS is, therefore, in serious jeopardy,” he warned.

Stating that they consider the handling of the UPDS case a failure, the former chairman alleged that Government of Assam has wilfully refused to honour the solemn commitment made by the Home Minister regarding ‘neutral administration’ till the polls and a level-playing field during the election.

Senar claimed that on August 23, they were assured of the level-playing field, which encouraged them to sign the accord.

Saying that because he was fully conscious of the fact that the UPDS leaders and cadres needed time to adapt and reorient themselves, they had insisted on an interim government. It was rejected by the government. But once the accord had been signed, the election was rushed through, “obviously with a view to deny us the opportunity to pilot the implementation of the accord,” he alleged.

The Government of Assam was petitioned to grant time to lay down arms and disband the outfit, so that they could participate in the election with a sense of urgency. However, as soon as the arms were laid down and the outfit disbanded, a day later election was announced. It left UPDS with no time to re-organise themselves as a political group. “We were also left penniless to face the elections,” the ex-chief lamented.

“Despite our protest the election was brutally forced on us. Predictably, the results had been disastrous, as electoral politics is altogether a different ball-game,” stated Senar.


KAAC members take oath, race for CEM starts

January 12, 2012

From a Correspondent

Premila Beypi in the Forefront to be next CEM.

DIPHU, Jan 11: The 26 newly-elected members of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) on Wednesday took the oath of office at the KAAC Session Hall at Diphu. Karbi Anglong deputy commissioner Rakesh Kumar administered the oath of office.

The KAAC members took the oath in Karbi, Assamese, English, Tiwa and Boro languages. Out of 26 members, 15 belong to the Congress, eight to the People’s Alliance for Peace Agreement (PAPA) while three are independent.

The members who took the oath of office are Joyram Ingleng, D. Uphing Maslai, Prodip Rongpi, Rupsing Teron, Tuliram Ronghang, Mongolsing Timung, Alice Engtipi, Premola Beypi, Bidyasing Rongpi, Ashok Teron, Bhubon Chandra Terang, Prodip Difusa, Longki Timung, Jivan Chandra Pathak and Raton Engti of the Congress, Horensing Bey, Kangjang Terang, Robinson Kro, Dorsing Ronghang, Bidyasing Tokbi, Semson Tisso, Jagat Sing Engti and Surya Rongphar of PAPA, while Dhonsing Kro, Prodip Singnar and Sarat Brahma are independent members.

Sources said, Veterinary and Hills Area Development Minister Khorsing Engti is putting in every effort to make his wife Premola Beypi the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of KAAC. If necessary, he will try to have an understanding with the PAPA members in this regard, alleged sources. Election for post of KAAC chairman will take place on January 13.

On the other hand, PAPA chairman Horensing Bey told mediapersons after the oath-taking ceremony,“The State Government hatched a conspiracy against us. We were not given ample opportunity to convey the message of the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS), which was signed between the Centre, the State Government and the United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS), to the people. Immediately after the arms-laying down ceremony the election notification was issued. We did not get sufficient time to reach out to the people in the remote areas due to which we could not get a majority in the polls.”

Karbi poll today amid tight vigil

January 4, 2012

Source : Telegraph India


Nagaon, Jan. 3: Unprecedented security arrangements have been made in Karbi Anglong on the eve of elections to the autonomous council following reports of threats to some Congress candidates by the Karbi People’s Liberation Tigers (KPLT).

Six CRPF companies will patrol villages adjoining 36 hyper-sensitive polling stations of the district and elaborate security arrangements have been made in the seven border outposts to thwart any infiltration attempt by militants from outside the state or district .

Of the 555 polling stations, 264 are sensitive, 98 very sensitive and 36 hyper-sensitive. The superintendent of police, Anurag Agarwala, today said police had received information about the threat issued by the KLPT to a section of Congress leaders and special security arrangements have been made for them.

“All possible confidence building measures have been taken so that people, specially those who belong to minority communities, can exercise their right to franchise freely. We have sufficient security forces to prevent any untoward incident during election hours,” he said.

Karbi Anglong deputy commissioner Rakesh Kumar said that the administration had assured people of all possible support and security so that they could vote without hesitation or fear.

“Till now we have not received any complaint in black and white but some information is there and measures are being taken for the safety of candidates and voters,” he said.

Around 5.16 lakh voters will exercise their franchise to elect 26 representatives from the 150 contesting candidates. The Congress, which has been in power in the council since 2001, has fielded candidates in all 26 constituencies.

The Peoples’ Alliance for Peace Agreement (PAPA), a conglomeration of various organisations, backs 25 Independent candidates, including six members of the recently-dissolved United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS).

Jayanta Rangpi, Holiram Terang and John Ingti Kathar, the three influential political leaders of the district, have backed 26 Independent candidates this time. Misrule of Congress, largescale corruption in the council during Congress rule, family-centred politics and KPLT’s threat to Congress candidates are some significant issues which stand in the way of the Congress winning a third term.

Eight heavyweight Congress leaders submitted nominations as Independent candidates after they were denied party tickets. They include chairman of the sitting council Mangalsingh Engti, three members of the autonomous council, two party vice-presidents and two general secretaries. The KPLT killed three Congress leaders in the district last year.

The recent accord, peace and development of the district and upgrade of the council to a territorial council as per accord are the main election issues of PAPA this time.

In the 10th autonomous council, the Congress has 21 elected members and its strength rose to 24 after four ASDC members joined the party (and Congress suspended one elected member).

Counting will be on held on January 9 and the elected body will take charge immediately.

“I am sure that the people of Langfer will elect me as their representative in the council. I promise to work for them,” said former UPDS joint secretary Kanjeng Terang. He is contesting against DCC president and senior executive member (PHE) Sum

Congress still in a stronger position with stronger resource and better campaigning tactic.

December 31, 2011

-Nong-e Terang

Diphu, 31 Dec:The Council election scene in Karbi Anglong is heating up. On Thursday, Dec 29 some Congress workers allegedly destroy and set  fire the election monitoring cell office of the Bithung independent candidate Bajong Tisso, who is ex-congressman and present EM. Whereas the recently disbanded extremist outfit UPDS leaders are having a hard time having to keep smiling at all the time. Some local media are projectiong former UPDS leader Kangjang Terang as a star campaigner, but as of now the Congress have no need to worry about it. The trouble for the Congress will begin once they win more than 17 seats.

‘We need to change the system of governance’ – Horen Bey

December 31, 2011

From a Correspondent

DONKAMOKAM, Dec 30: “Karbi Anglong’s development is a far cry, we have experienced darkest years during the past 10 years, and so we need to change the system of governance for development of Karbi Anglong and for the implementation of the MoS”. This was disclosed by Horen Bey, chairman of PAPA in the election meet at Satgaon HS field yesterday, who is also the candidate of Rongkhang Constituency. Only the Ingty and Engleng families has developed through these years, he mentioned.

He also attacked Sing Teron, sitting MAC for 10 years, and Congress ruled KAAC, who has failed to implement the expectation of the people and asked the voters to uproot the Congress from Karbi Anglong. In the meet, Seng Rongpi, ex-MAC, and one time Sing Teron’s right hand Bipul Nath yesterday went to PAPA and both of them severely criticized Sing Teron. John Sangma, general secretary of KAGU, Narayan Das, president of Bengali Samaj and Chandra Rongphar also spoke on the occasion. The meeting was presided over by Harsing Teron, ASDC’s district president.

Gogoi addresses poll rallies in Karbi Anglong

December 31, 2011

(From Assam Tribune)

DIPHU, Dec 30 – A whirlwind election campaign by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has substantially changed the Congress prospects in at least six MAC constituencies of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, which is going to polls on January 4.

Today Gogoi addressed two rallies in the district. Arriving in a chopper from Guwahati, he attended an election rally at Sarihajan near Bokajan, where the bulk of tea tribe voters were so far opposing the Congress for not awarding party ticket to some of its veteran leaders.

Bringing up in very clear terms the connection between the Congress and development, Gogoi said, “Congress is ruling in the State and at the Centre. If you vote for the Congress you will bring prosperity for yourself.”

After being in a weak position, the Congress today gained some ground in Langpher MAC constituency, where the PAPA-backed UPDS stalwart Kangjang Terang has posed a stiff challenge to the Congress nominee Sum Ronghang. The situation became more critical due to the rigid stand of the Bodo community voters who have decided to extend full support to PAPA.

Today the Congress nominee, who is also the district Congress president, got a shot in the arm when his arch-rival BJP leader joined the Congress.

BJP stalwart of Dima Hasao, Kulendra Daulagapu, the State-level BJP leader, today joined the Congress in presence of Gogoi and Debojit Thousen, CEM of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council.

The rally virtually served as a wake up call for the demoralised Congress workers of Langpher locality.

197 Polling Station Declared Sensitive, 33 Very Sensitive and 3 Hyper Sensitive

December 27, 2011

Secret Ballots to be used instead of EVM

DIPHU, DEC 27: In a press meet held today by the Assam state election commissioner, Shri Biren Dutta at Diphu Circuit house more than half of the polling stations has been declared as sensitive. A total of 197 polling station has been declared sensitive, 33 remote and inaccessible stations as very sensitive and 3 polling stations as hyper sensitive.

Admitting the senstivity, he however assured that all measures will be taken for the smooth and successful KAAC election. He further added that Media Cell will be setup at Diphu, Hamren and Bokajan. He has also warned that the commission will not allow any kind of manipulation either pre or post poll.

With unconfirmed reports of clashes between activist of PAPA and INC coming in from different parts of West  Karbi Anglong, the declaration has come as expected.

Mr Dutta has also informed that Secret Ballot will be used instead of EVM in this Council election to uplift the recommendation of  the KAAC Constitution.