Hills Oppose Teachers’ Test

February 22, 2012


Political Litmus Test for the TET

Diphu, Feb. 21: The Autonomous State Demand Committee today asked Dispur to stop including Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao in the pan-Assam teachers’ eligibility test, as recruitment of schoolteachers lies in the domain of the autonomous councils of the two hill districts.

The party said the state-level examination is a violation of the 1995 memorandum of understanding between New Delhi and the local autonomous councils. It said according to the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, an autonomous council is the supreme authority for recruitment and transfer of teachers in schools within the council area and the government should not push the local body to accept any candidate selected by the state.

Party general secretary and sitting Karbi Anglong autonomous district council member Jagatsing Engti today threatened to launch an agitation against the state government’s violation of the Sixth Schedule guideline.

“It is a very big conspiracy of the state government to fill up the vacant posts in the education institutions of the district with outsiders. If such an eligibility test is compulsory, it should be conducted by the council itself,” Engti said.

More than 10,000 job aspirants of the hill district appeared in the state-level eligibility test, of which 468 candidates were successful.

According to the ASDC, of the successful candidates, only 7 to 8 per cent are tribal candidates. This means the state-level test minimises the chances of the districts’ indigenous tribal job aspirants, only 30 to 35 of whom are expected to get through.

Karbi Anglong has 1,405 primary schools, with more than 1,700 vacant posts.

“We cannot quote accurate data, as there are legal tangles around 101 posts. We also conducted interviews for 86 posts of primary schoolteachers last year but they are yet to be recruited,” said education department joint secretary J.C. Daulagupu.

The ASDC today came down heavily on the Congress-led local autonomous council in Karbi Anglong for giving a free hand to the state government to violate the Sixth Schedule guidelines and urged the organisation to work in the interest of the people of the hill district.

“We have unemployed youths in our own district. Why should the state government hire candidates from outside?” Engti asked.

The Congress, however, said introduction of teachers’ eligibility test in Karbi Anglong is legitimate, as it is under the Right to Education Act. “They (the Opposition) should oppose if the teachers’ eligibility test was not held in Karbi Anglong. Job aspirants of the district appeared in the examination and those who passed are going to be recruited soon,” said autonomous council executive member (education) Tuliram Ranghang.


Abducted Managers Killed, Karbi Villagers Blamed.

December 24, 2011

Umrongso, Dec 24 2011: The bodies of Col J Sidhu (55), Assistant Manager of JayPee Cement Ltd and Romen Sharma (52) Deputy Manager of Assam Mining Development Corporation Ltd, were recovered today from Longdang Village, a Karbi Village towards Haflong near Langlai Village approximately 20 Km from Umrongso town in Dima Hasao District ( Erstwhile N.C.Hills) on Thursday. The two were abducted by unidentified miscreats on september 25 last.

Surprisingly some media has earlier blamed it on suspected Karbi Militants, who does not have any presence in the said location. Some villagers in and around has claimed to have seen suspected NSCN(IM) militants just before the abduction.

The backlash of the unconfirmed media report blaming the Karbi Militants has initiated the armed force to pick innocent Karbi Villagers in the pretext of inquiries against the militants bringing harassment to the innocents making the full use of AFSPA, which was extended in Assam recently.

It will be interesting to see the action of the authorities as more innocents being pick up by the armed force as they are going to have a combing operation starting Dec 26 .

Demand of Charter Submitted to the Govt. of India by KLNLF

June 23, 2010

Diphu, June 2010 :  A demand of charter was submitted to the Govt. of India representative Shri P.C Haldar , Interlocator by the KLNLF ( Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front) recently to press their demands for the talk. A copy of the charter of demands as submitted are as follow


P. C. Halder


Government of India,

New Delhi-110 001

Subject:- Submission of  “KLNLF Charter of Demand”.

Date: …………/……/2010.


Karbi Longri N.C.Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) has been spearheading the movement for Self Rule in the Hills Areas of Assam Since last 15 years and initiation of political dialogue between KLNLF and the Government of Assam and Government of India for Peaceful Political Settlement of the issue has one again re-established the inalienable rights of the Karbi People for self governance. The very process of present dialogue, we presume, has recognized the following ground realities.

1. The existing arrangement under the sixth schedule of the Constitution of India in the hills areas of Assam is obsolete and unworkable.

2. The urgent need to meet the aspiration of the people of hills areas for self rule under a separate arrangement other than sixth Schedule or so called autonomous council.

3. Peaceful and permanent political settlement is the only way for sustainable peace and development in the region for overall paramount national interest.

It is, in this context, we the KLNLF would like to place the Charter of Demands which is enclosed herewith. These demands can be implemented by suitable constitutional amendment under Article 3 of the Constitution of India and other sub-sequential and consequential rules and provision.

Rupsing Teron                                                     Pradip Terang
General Secretary, KLNLF                          Chairman, KLNLF

Karbi Longri N.C.Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF)

Charter of Demands

Objective: To create Separate Karbi Longri State to be known as Karbi Longri to provide constitutional protection to the most deprived tribe of India and to fulfills economic, educational and linguistic aspirations and the preservation of land-rights, socio-cultural and ethnic identity of the Karbi; and speed up the infrastructure development in Karbi Longri area.

Part –I

Political Demand

1.     A Separate Karbi Longri State (here after in refered to as ‘Karbi Longri’) shall be created comprising of the present Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council District i.e the areas transferred to the Mikir Hills autonomous district by the notification of the Government of Assam No. TAD/R/31/50/149 dated the 13th April, 1951 and such other tribal dominated contiguous areas as specified annexure – I, under Article 3 of the Constitution of India.

2.     Structure, power and function of the Karbi Longri:

(a)   There shall be a Legislature for Karbi Longri which shall consist   of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly.  The total number of seats in the Legislative Assembly shall not be less than 60 seats and shall be reserved for Schedule Tribes. To be filled by persons chosen by direct election. For this purpose the Representation of People Act 43 of 1950 shall be amended.

(b)  There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister at the head to aid and advise the Governor in the exercise of his functions in relation to Karbi Longri. The Chief Minister shall be appointed by the Governor and the other Ministers shall be appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister, and the Ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor.  The Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly.

(c)   The executive power of Karbi Longri shall extend to all the subject listed in List –II (State list) and List-III (Concurrent list) of the seventh schedule of the constitution of India. Those departments shall be treated as transferred or devolved to the state as inherent departments with full legislative, executive and judiciary power. In addition the Union list of entries 41 and 42 shall be devolved to the State, for these purposes the constitution of India shall be suitably amended.

(d)  The Karbi Longri shall have its own Advocate general.

(e)   The Karbi Longri shall have its own Conduct of Business procedures.

(f)   English shall be the official language of the State till the Karbi Language is developed and recognized as Major Indian Language (M.I.L) in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

(g)   Karbi Longri shall be the sole authority in fiscal and policy matters of planning, tax, revenue and finance as contained in Part XII of the Constitution of India.

(h)  Central assistance for Plan fund will be fixed taking note of any residuary gap in resources so as to sustain the approved plan outlay and the pattern of assistance will be as in the case of Special Category State like Mizoram, Nagaland etc.

(i)    The existing Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council constituted under the Sixth Schedule to the constitution of India be retained to act as a nodal agency to percolate developmental work down to the grass root level.

(j)    There shall be High court bench for Administration of Justice.

(k)  The Karbi Longri shall have its own Public Service Commission and Civil Service cadres.

(l)    Karbi Longri shall be entitled to have  another 1(one) seat in the House of the People (Lok sabha)  and one Seat in the Council of State (Rajya Sabha) for which the First Schedule of the Representation of the Peoples’ Act, 1950(43 0f 1950) and the Fourth Schedule of the Indian Constitution shall be suitably amended.

(m) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, no act of Parliament in respect of –

(i)              Religion or Social practices of the Karbis,

(ii)            Karbi customary Law or procedure,

(iii)          Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice involving decisions according to Karbi customary Law, Ownership and transfer of land and also utilization of its mineral resources

shall be apply to the State of Karbi Longri unless the Legislative Assembly of

Karbi Longri by a resolution so decides.

n. Karbi inhabited areas of Ribhoi District of Meghalaya and Amri Karbi inhabited

areas of Kamrup District of Assam shall be brought under the Administration of

Karbi Longri.

o. Karbis living outside Karbi Longri i.e. Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya

shall be recognized as Schedule Tribe (Hills) and a Development Council shall be

created for Karbi Living in Tribal Belt and Block of Assam in Sonitpur District,

Nagaon District, Morigaon District and Cachar District.

Part – II

Other Economic

1.     For Infrastructure Development in Karbi Longri and construction of Karbi Longri Capital complex at Inglongpo (Singhason) the Government of India shall sanction Rs.5,000 Crores  approx. as one time lump sum grant.

2.     The Union Public Service Commission shall exempt candidates of Schedule Tribes (Hills) of  Karbi Longri from Major Indian Language (MIL) compulsory paper and shall receive the same concession as enjoyed by other hills state of Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland etc. for this purpose relevant UPSC Act. shall be suitably amended

3.     Karbi Longri Shall be re-organized in to Five revenue and administrative districts namely: Lumbajong District with Headquarters at Diphu, Jiroi District with Headquarters at Dongmukak, Nilip District with Headquarters at Chokihola, Amri-Chinthong District with Headquarters at Hamren and Rongkhang District with Headquarters at Dongkamukam and 14 civil sub-divisions  with headquarters at Diphu, Dilai, Disobai, Langlokso, Donghap, Jirikindeng, Punja Borpathar, Rongmongve, Hanjanglangso, Khanduli, Ampanai, Menmiji, Dolamara and Rongjangphong.

4.     Establishment of Central University, National Institute of Technology, Central funded Medical College, India Institute of Management (IIM) in Karbi Longri. Till the Commission of these institutions, government of India shall consider for reservation of Seats for Students from Karbi Longri at different Central Technical Institution, like Medical, IIT and IIM in India.

5.     To develop the Karbi Language, the 8th schedule of the constitution of India shall be amended to include Karbi Language in the list of the National Language.

6.     Relief & Rehabilitation

a.     The KLNLF join the national mainstream and shun the path of violence in the interest of peace and development. After the formation of the interim government of Karbi Longri. The KLNLF will dissolve itself as an organization after swearing-in of the interim government. Central Government and the State Government of Karbi Longri would provide full support to relief and rehabilitation of the members of KLNLF and shall be considered for joining the Arms Forces by the government of India. Those cadres who are not absorbed to any government services shall be paid an amount of Rs. 10 lakhs as one time grant by the Government of India, in addition the State Government shall paid a monthly pension of Rs. 15000/ (fixed) per month to those cadres.

b.     Grant of general amnesty to all Cadres and leaders of KLNLF and it sympathizers and withdrawal of criminal cases against such persons and those related to Karbi movement since 1993.

c.     To increase their representation of Karbi youth in the Arms Forces the Government of India Shall consider to raise a Karbi Regiment

d.     Special Rehabilitation Programme for the people affected by ethnic disturbances in Karbi Longri who are at present living at relief camps. Necessary funds for their rehabilitation shall be provided by the Government of India.

Submitted By

Pradip Terang                                           Rupsing Teron
Chairman, KLNLF                                 General Secretary,KLNLF

ASDC to step up Statehood demand

December 14, 2009

HAFLONG, Dec 13 – The ASDC has threatened to launch a fresh agitation demanding announcement of a time-frame for implementation of Article 244(A) by the Government of India, stated a press release issued by the ASDC NC Hills district committee. The release maintained that the announcement for creation of Telengana state proved that the Government did not have a policy to create new states after all. But in recent years the Government has by brute force dismissed state demands of tribal groups in the North-East on the plea that the government no longer has a policy to create new states, including the Karbi Anglong and NC Hills demand; otherwise the government has no ground to deny statehood to the twin hill districts.

Autonomous statehood is the commitment of the nation to the people of Karbi Anglong and NC Hills by an Act of Parliament as Article 244 (A) of the Constitution. This commitment has not been honoured and if the mood of theGovernment of Assam is any indication, will not be honored in future. This is deliberate betrayal causing deep resentment in the twin hills which progressively metamorphosed into mass anger and later on into armed struggle. That is the cause of the violence and mayhem that gripped the two hills for the past one decade, and thegovernment should accept full responsibilit.

Custody death sparks tension in NC Hills

September 2, 2009

Custody death sparks tension in NC Hills
TNN 2 May 2009, 10:29pm IST
SILCHAR: The death of a senior Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC) leader in the custody of Assam Rifles has triggered tension at Haflong, the district headquarters of North Cachar Hills.
Laden Jidung, the ASDC’s election monitoring office secretary, and Rajen Langthasa, another functionary of the party, were picked up for questioning from their respective houses on Thursday night by personnel belonging to the Sarkari Bagan-based 45th Assam Rifles battalion.
Jidung died under mysterious circumstances in the Assam Rifles camp on Friday, though Rajen was released by the securitymen. “The Assam Rifles personnel have killed my husband,” alleged Jidung’s widow, Rothsang.
NC Hills additional superintendent of police Amitava Singh on Saturday said, “The Assam Rifles men said Jidung had fallen ill at the camp and died while being taken to hospital on Friday morning.”
Though the autopsy of Jidung’s body was carried out at the Haflong Civil Hospital, it was sent to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital for the second round of post-mortem. Singh said the circumstances leading to Jidung’s death could be divulged only after the autopsy.
The ASDC leader’s death sparked widespread protests in North Cachar Hills district, where people are fuming following frequent militant attacks over the past few weeks.
“This is a case of custodial death. We called on the deputy commissioner and the superintendent of police. The DC had said the ASDC leader was safe in the custody of Assam Rifles. But his assurance was wrong. It’s disturbing to learn that security personnel are picking up people in the name of combating militancy and torturing them,” said Kalijay Sanguing, an ASDC leader and chief executive member (in-charge) of the NC Hills Autonomous Council.
A number of Dimasa organizations, including All Dimasa Students’ Union (ADSU) and Dimasa Students Union (DSU), staged a demonstration near the DC’s office in protest against the ASDC leader’s death.

Disturbed Areas

August 19, 2009

Disturbed Areas
(Source: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 15, No. 22 (May 31, 1980), pp. 946-947 Published by: Economic and Political Weekly)

A CURIOUS feature of the notification declaring Assam a ‘disturbed area’ issued on April 6 has been the omission of North Cachar district from the purview of the notification.

Also, while the proclamation was made under the provisions of Section 3 of Assam Disturbed Areas Act, 1955, another notification was issued enforcing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958, as amended by the Armed Forces (Assam and Manipur) Special Powers (Amendment) Act, 1972. Thereby hangs a tale.

Essentially, there is no difference between the two Acts; while the former is intended “to make better provisions for the suppression of disorder and for the restoration and maintenance of public order in disturbed areas in Assam” and empowers civil authority (“any magistrate or public officer not below the rank of a sub-inspector” or, in the case of armed police including the Assam police, “not below the rank of a havildar”) with virtually unlimited powers, the latter whose coverage is more extensive and includes, apart from Assam, the states of Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura and the Union territories of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram empowers, as the title of the Act says, members of the armed forces (“any commissioned officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer or any other person of equivalent rank in the armed forces”) enter and search without warrant any premises, arrest without warrant, conduct search and destroy operations and of course, shoot to kill, with complete immunity from prosecution, except with the previous sanction of the Central government, in respect of anything done or purported to be done in exercise of the powers conferred by the Act.

Clearly, the powers bestowed by the two Acts on functionaries of the civil and military police as well as the armed forces are very wide with no bars being placed on their exercise, though the power to ‘shoot at sight’ has for the moment been denied following the Gauhati High Court’s order of April 18. Very rightly, there has been widespread opposition to the declaration as well as strong criticism of the legislation which makes such declarations possible.

But it is significant that though these laws were passed more than twenty years ago, and though these have been in operation not merely in the general area of the northeast, but in the state of Assam itself, including within the area of the present truncated Assam, there had been no protest against these dangerous laws in Assam till now. The reason, for instance, for certain parts of Assam being ‘exempted’ from the ambit of the proclamation of April 6, 1980 was that these areas have for long been declared ‘disturbed areas’, and so, administratively, could not be declared over again as ‘disturbed areas’.

One of the objectives of these enactments made in 1955 and 1958 was to put down Naga insurgency, though these acts have been in operation not merely in the Naga hills district of Assam (and, later, in the Naga Hills Tuensang Area and the state of Nagaland), but also in the territory of the present Assam itself – the former Mikir and North Cachar Hills district and the areas bordering the Naga Hills. Indeed, the gazette notifications declaring these parts of the present state of Assam as ‘disturbed areas’ have been issued with clock-like regularity (the latest of such notifications was issued on May 27). It was only when the ‘disturbed area’ proclamation was made covering the Brahmaputra valley that the People of Assam appear to have woken up to the horrendous implications of the two Acts.

There is a lesson in this, both for the people of Assam and for those of the areas which till recently were part of Assam. (Italics ours.)

Army Atrocities (1997-2005)

August 14, 2009

Brief Chronology of Atrocities committed
on innocents by various agencies of Security Forces
in Karbi areas

4 November, 1997
> Hori Terang (45), S/o of Lt Kondor, vill-Balijan Sedeng Terang of Bakulia dies in custody—

17 July 2000
> Unidentified killers shoot dead family members of UPDS (Assam Tribune) — when Wilson Kro, the C-in-C’s father and mother and brother of the Dy. C-in-C Mensing Tokbi’s. Basa Kro (65) and his wife Lisha Derapi (55) of Rongkuroi village under Baithalangso PS were killed while their daughter Long-ik Kropi (25) received bullet injuries and treated at Nowgaon Civil Hospital. In another incident, Kheru Singnar (55) and Amphu Kramsapi (50 of Khanajan village were also killed. Hemari Tokbi (63) and his son Ranjit Tokbi (18) were kidnapped and later killed them at Belbari village under Kheroni PS. Interestingly, police is yet to ascertain the identity of the killers. Immediately, PK Mahanta, CM, visited the areas.

26th March 2002
> Detention of innocent persons by army in trumped up charges —1) Chandrasing Lekthe (35 yrs), s/o Habe of village Pator Phangcho/Hidipi/Rongmongve 2) Hemari Singnar (38 yrs), s/o Lt Murchon of Lunse Timung village, Rongmongve arrested by army from Misa camp and later handed over to police. They are booked under Arms Act— Howraghat PS Case No. 112/02 U/S 387 IPC Khorsing was halting the night of Hemari Singnar, GB of the village. Army ‘recovered’ list of ‘UPDS tax collection’ which actually was donation collected from villagers for yearly Karbi village ritual — Rongker. Villagers were raided and subjected to physical torture. Army again came to the village on 27th March with the two arrested persons and ‘recovered’ one muzzle-loading guns as proof of extremist nexus — ‘endorsed’ from the SGB Kania Phangcho.
> The following persons of Rongmongve were arrtested on 26th March 2002 — GR-112/2002
PS : Howraghat Case No 30/2002— IPC 387, 25(1)B— 1) Chandrasing Lekthe (40), s/o Habe, vill : Hidiso— 2) Hemari Signnar (55), s/o Lt Amorchand, vill : Lunse Timung— Charge : Army picked them up. Chandrasing was carrying Rs. 3, 000/- with him confiscated by army as money meant for UPDS. Chandrasing spent the night at Hemari Singnar’s house. Army “recovered ” list of donors for rongker from Hemari Singnar (headman)’s possesion and dubbed him as list of money collected for UPDS and handed over to police. Lekthe, being healthy, became punching bag for the army and police.

2nd April 2002
> Army arrest — 1) Khelan Kro (32 yrs), s/o Lt Singnot of village Tim-hem Athoi/Rongmongve and 2) Dorsing Singnar (18 yrs), s/o Lt Kamar of village Tim-hem Athoi/Rongmongve also arrested by army and later handed over to the police under the same Arms Act. Three unlicensed muzzle-loading guns were recovered from them. However, Dorsing Singnar was picked up by the army in liu of the actual culprit. (Howraghat PS Case No. 34/02)

25th May 2002
> ‘Secret Killing’ — One unidentified dead body of a man, aged about 30 years, was recovered from Mithiphang, 5 kms. from Diphu on Diphu-Manja road. Police sources say the incident occured last night around 11-30 pm. The body is lying at the Diphu Civil Hospital morgue since the hospital authority received the body at 10-20 am this morning and so far no one has claimed the body.

6th June 2002
> Horen Bey and four other top leaders of the pro-talk UPDS leaders arrested — at Baithalangso by the army and were later handed over to the police after brutally roughing them up. Police has expressed unhappiness over the incident and released them the same day.
One Semson Terang of the UPDS pro-talk faction was killed by the army.

19th June 2002
> Army attemps rape at Dikhlem under Kheroni PS, 6 kms from Kheroni to wards Habaipur —plainscloth armymen from Lanka/Bamungaon camp suddenly showed up at around 5 am in the morning at Dikhlem Karbi village (near Kheroni) in the name of apprehending “extremists” and attempted to rape the following teenaged Karbi girls —
1. Miss Rojoni Timungpi (14), d/o Borsing Timung, Class-VIII, Habaipur Girls’ High School
2. Miss Kache Hansepi (16), d/o Longsing Hanse, Class-X, -do-
3. Miss Kungri Ingheepi (15), d/o — Class-VIII, -do-
Army put guns on their heads and molested them after forcing them to take off their cloths to which people were alerted and the culprits made a hasty retreat but in the meanwhile arrested — Babu Engleng (20), s/o Sarthe, photographed with arm supplied by army to show him as an extremist and took him to army camp. Another 60 yr old SGB Rupsing Teron was also picked up by the same army gang and later released him from Kheroni camp.
One Dr KC Das of Kheroni Subsidiary Health Centre conducted the medical check up and released the three teenaged girls after primary medical treatment, including pain-killer injections as the victims complained of both physical and mental trauma.
Against this, KNCA team has gheraoed the Kheroni PS and Mailoo outpost. Meanwhile, complaint has been lodged with the police and people are preparing to complaint with the Civil SDO of Hamren. Media has been informed about this incident.

20th June 2002
> Dikhlem Karbi girls molested by army— Asomiya Pratidin, Aaji, Dainik Asom carried news headlines while Hindi Purbanchal Prahari accorded front page status. Asian Age, Assam Tribune (however without mentioning the date of the proposed bandh) also published the news item.
> Police in the town is seizing papers of about 50-60 auto-rickshaws, detaining them in the police station to force them to ply during tomorrow�fs ASDC-sponsored 12 Hr KA Bandh against molestation of three-teenaged school Karbi girls. The Diphu Auto Association is controlled by the Congress (I). Police is also warning shop keepers in the town market of risking their locks hammered open if they closed shops. Confrontationist atmosphere is building up and there is no immediate Congress reaction on the issue.

1st August 2002
> Massive army operations in Karbi Anglong — Kongjuk Athoi (Bakulia)— Last night at about 3 am, in Kongjuk Athoi area — Monsing Lekthe, Langtuk Terang villages — ransacked all the households, destroyed properties, certificates and other documents/files etc. on which they could lay their hands on. The group, led by one DSP from Diphu, also arrested three villagers— Sarthe Terang (45) his sons Babu Terang (20) and Khorsing Terang (18). Khorsing Terang was photographed with a weapon as police evidence of possession of “illegal arms” to justify the combined security florces continuing harrasments in the area. Security forces also snatched money from the following villagers — Rensing Teron (LP Teacher) Rs, 8, 000/- Moniram Lekthe (GB), RS. 800/- and Bhaiti Lekthe (s/o GB) Rs. 700/- + and Dhansing Teron (LP teacher) Rs. 100/- and ransacked trunks etc. In the raid 18 persons were brutally assaulted —
1. Dhansing Teron (30), s/o Lt Monsing, LP Teacher, Rangsina LP 2. Dhansing Ingleng (60), s/o Lt Sarthe 3. Baliram Terang (30), s/o Sarpo 4. Sarthe Ingleng (30), s/o Lt Sarthe 5. Gulap Ingti (27), s/o Sairam
6. Madhuram Lekthe (16), s/o Sarthe 7. Bijoy Ingleng (20), s/o Hemari 8. Hemari Bey (16), s/o Rongbong
9. Babu Teron (18), s/o Lt Mensing 10. Longsing Bey (30), s/o Lt Sarmen 11. Bhaiti Teron (14), s/o Lt Mensing 12. Hemari Teron (30), s/o Lt Bor 13. Sarthe Lekthe (50), s/o Lt Bajong 14. Sarsing Bey (39), s/o Rongbong 15. Dorsing Lekthe (20), s/o Sarsing 16. Khorsing Bey (20), s/o Rongbong
> Army picks up 5 from Bomrui Adarsha/Bakulia under Howraghat PS— In another raid, combined CRPF-Army arrested 5 innocent Karbi villagers from Bomrui, 5 kms from Bakulia on the night of 1st August— 1) Babu Singnar (25), s/o Sarthe 2) Deben Singnar (16), s/o Sarthe — student 3) Babu Singnar (28), s/o Lt Sarmen 4) Mangalsing Timung (12), s/o Lt Longsing — student 5) Joyram Singnar (14) — also a student. The students are waiting for their exams now. But the security forces are not bothered.

6th August 2002
> Innocents from Rongmongve tortured and detained since May — 1) Ramsing Hanse (60), s/o Lt Khelan, vill : Hidiso, PS Howraghat; arrested 5-5-2002— 2) Robiram Hanse (40), s/o Ramsing, vill : Hidiso, PS Howraghat; arrested 5-5-2002— GR-154/2002— PS : Howraghat Case No 46/2002— IPC 120(B)/212/387/134/25(1-B)— Security Rs. 10, 000/- The father-son duo were ‘arrested’ by army up by the Misa based Army initially as porter in anti-exttremist raids at 6 am in the morning. in May on charges of harbouring extremists The army personnel asked them to carry army bags upto Kuthori temporary army camp but later on handed over to the police at Jakhalabandha police out post who again handed them over to Howraghat police. The army showed in their charge-sheet as having recovered a pistol and 3 live ammunitions from the possession of the persons.

9th Aug 2002
> Army raids in Bhoksong (Katumari) under Duar Amla in search of extremists— Villagers are complaining of atrocities following raids by the army in the area. As per a memoradnum submitted to minister Rupomsing Ronghang and signed by Romen Teron, Bhim Engleng, Bhuban Ronghang, Nilambar Rongpi, Babu Rongpi, Mojasing Teron, Ridim Hanse, Dilp Teron, Darasing Teron, Harsing Bey and Sarsing Engleng. The army occupied the PWD-IB on 9th Aug. One Romesh Ronghang was picked up, locked him in the IB and later forced him to do manual work Army tortured him to get informations about extremists. Another Simanta Rongpi, an LP School teacher was also picked up at around 7 pm and tortured him the whole night. On 10th Aug 2002, he was allowed to go home briefly in a critical condition. Villagers gave him some food and medicine. Since then, the army has been routinely beating up people irrespective of age or gender forcing villagers to flee their homes. Houses and properties have been either looted or ransacked. One Sri Mansing Teron, s/o Lt Lunse of Kongkat gaon has been missing since then. Again, another Krishna Teron, s/o Lt. Ranjit Teron of Borgaon picked up by the army on 16th Aug 2002 is also reported missing.

6th Oct 2002
> Army raid Lawrence Terang village/Langherang/Tarabasa at about 1:30 am and ‘arrested’ the following without any warrants or arrest orders— 1) Julius Rongpi (20), school drop out, s/o Longki (tortured at the spot), 2) Sarsing Ingti (53), s/o Lt Borli, Sikari (Sarthe) Ronghang vill., 3) Edward Terang (35), s/o Bidyasing . These innocents have been tortured brutally at the time of ‘aarrests’.

14 July 2003
> Security forces kill pro-talk UPDS cadre at Diphu —in a raid at 6 mile at the house of pro-talk faction Vice-Chairman Ke-ap Tisso’s native home after midnight killing the ailing body-guard Anong Teron (25) point-blank and later calling the unprovoked stage-managed encounter as ‘response to violation of ground-rules’ by the outfit. The incident has raised questions among public regarding the intention of the security forces and the state police by this sort of ‘killings’.

13 Aug 2003
> Security Forces rape 4 Karbi girls — at Langmili near Diphu on 13th Aug. evening 4-30 pm when Noril (Nishel in medical report) Terangpi (12), d/o Manuelson, vill-Andrew Terang, Phina Ingtipi (45), w/o Andrew Terang, Junaki Beypi (15), d/o Jewel Bey and Renuka Singnarpi (13), d/o Ramsing Singnar. One of the rapists was identified as Nipumani Bora. Noril (a class II student of local village English LP School-Kirilongjon) had just returned from her exam and about to enter her house when two securitymen came chasing after her. She then hurriedly went inside the house to try to escape by jumping the window to the backside but the chasing securitymen took their turn to rape her. The other waiting securitymen dispersed the villageres, arresting some persons and the group also molested the other two girls while a middle-aged woman of 45, Phina Ingtipi, was molested on the village road.

25-26 Jan 2004
> Army raid at New Malidor/Cachar — about 10 truckloads of armymen raided this Karbi village of about 55 families since midnight of 25 Jan and continuing it again on 26th night. Army shot and injured one Honor Durong (35) who is now hospitalised at Silchar Medical College. Army raided this village in the name of flushing out UPDS.

1 Feb 2004
> Army molest 6 Karbi girls including 2 minors at Tharve-Rongthom Karbi village in Upper Deopani — after locking up all the male members in Moikang LP School at 10 pm. The molestation spree took place at 10-30 pm . Victims identified as — 1) Homsera Lekthepi (12), d/o Kangbura, 2) Kadom Rongpipi (15), d/o Sing, 3) Rubin Ingtipi (20), w/o Dorsing Lekthe (Rs. 1000/- also looted from her), 4) Phudang Ingtipi (25), w/o Biren Lekthe, 5) Kache Ingtipi (25), w/o Menson Hanse & 6) Phudang Killingpi (26), w/o Mohori Ingti of Kler Gaon of Upper Deopani.
2 Feb 2004
> Army arrest at Sambheti —Khorsing Terang, s/o Men Terang of village Sambheti at night without search warrants. Khorsing Terang was later lodged in Diphu jail and awaiting trial.

3 Feb 2004
>Army raids in KA— 1 Feb 5 from Upper -Deopani Ram Tisso village Jameson Tisso-32, s/o Ram, Siva Tisso-28, s/o Sar-et — Deithor (Kekang Adong area) 30 Jan 6-30 am another 5 arrested Khoiyasing Langne-40 (s/o Hemai), Mojari Killing-38 (Rongsangti), Robinson Killing-22, Barim Langne-30, Jiten Teron-20 (Deithor). Came in civil dress accompanied picked up without producing search or arrest warrants. In another incident, army also picked up one Rakesh Teron of Manja, a government employee, around 9 am while travelling in a motor-cycle Lungnit with Jug Ingti. Both were brought towards Manja including the bike. Family members were not given any clue about their whereabouts.

2 March 2004
> Spontaneous protest against frequent army raids at Bakulia— when at 10-30 pm more than 2000 people, enraged at the frequent whisking away of villagers by army, police and crpf in the Bakulia area ‘gheraoed’ the police outpost. At around 8 pm, army in gypsy and a truck whisked away one Hemai Timung (50), village headman of Hemai Timung village under Eragaon area, tied his face with one hand covering his mouth with his ‘gamcha’ he was wearing so as to avoid any alarm. One Kolom Terang (33) of the same village, loitering in the village road was also picked up and were about to leave the place when village women raised alarm prompting the gathering of about 300 women and children. Pitched battle ensued forcing the army to set Kolom free, forcing armymen to leave the place without losing any time. In a spontaneous reaction to frequent such army ‘arrests’, about more than 1000 people started following the army vehicles, reaching near crpf camp at Bakulia at around 9-15 pm. Army officer at first denied any such arrest but later admitted the detention and agreed to release the man. Army had also forcibly collected about 50 Karbi villagers to guard the camp as security against any possible mob attack. SP reached the spot at around 3 pm and started random arrest of Karbis leading to the arrest of 40 people including chldren and an Asstt. Engineer of Silonijan Irrigation Sub-Div Semson (Michael) Terang of Ram Terang village. Basa Hansepi (25) with head injury, Daman Ingti (22) with serious shoulder injury, Kensing Terang (24) with glass cut on leg, Rajesh Timung (27) with lathi injury were treated at Bakulia hospital. Later Basa Hansepi and Daman Ingti were arrested by police.

6 March, 2004
> Police/CRPF raid in Bakulia — around 4 am in the wee hours of the morning, apparently searching for innocent villagers namely — Arthem Timung (35), s/o Kangther of Balijan Terang, Joysing Bey (47) of Balijan, Mangal Teron (30), LP teacher, s/o Lt Khoiya and Gulap Tokbi (36), irrigation employee, s/o Kensing. The raiding crpf/police asked Mangal Teron and Joysing Bey to report at their camp 10 am the same day.

21 March 2004
> Custodial death of school-boy at Diphu — police arrested one Bhupen Terang, severely tortured him and kept him in police custody till April 4 when the boy died after being produced in court. According to press reports, Bhupen, along with two of his companions, had gone to shoot birds with an air-gun. While his two companions were allowed to go scot free, the police picked up Bhupen who used to stay in a poor boys’ hostel. On the strength of the report of the boy’s death in police custody in local media, Justice S.N. Phukan took suo moto cognizance of it and issued notice to the Superintendent of Police of Diphu to submit a report on Bhupen’s death to the Commission by May 3 next.

30 July 2004
> Black Panther/Diphu police torture Doldoli Karbi villagers — in the name of anti-insurgency operations and victimised Jiten Hanse, Mensing Timung, Joysing Bey, Jameson Bey, Sing Dera, Bura Engti, Dhiren Marak and Dorsing Bey of Longsing Timung village. These innocent villagers were denied any medical assistances inspite of grievous injuries on their bodies.

22 Aug 2004
> 3 killed in Baithalangsu police firing (Assam Tribune, Guwahati, Sunday, August 22, 2004) —From Our Correspondent — DONGKAMOKAM, Aug 21 – Three persons were killed in police firing at Ulukunchi police outpost under Baithalangsu police station in Karbi Anglong district last afternoon, after an irate mob gheraoed the outpost following the custodial death of one Raseswar Hokai. Hokai had been picked by police for his suspected ULFA links. Two of the dead have been identified as Sing Puma (40) and N Lumpai (45), while the third one is yet to be identified. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem.
The tragedy occurred when the police first fired in the air to disperse the group of incensed people at the outpost. Police said that after this, a few people from the crowd also fired at the police and then the police too retaliated by firing at them. According to police, those who fired from the crowd were Tiwa militants. Dolendra Chandra Deka, the Baithalangsu officer-in-charge, was also hurt in the firing.
Meanwhile, tension continues to grip the area. Senior police officials have already rushed to Ulukunchi to take stock of the situation.
PTI adds: Following the custodial death, an irate mob of the Tiwa community residing in the nearby areas gheraoed the police yesterday and started attacking them, injuring two policemen. Police opened fire in which two persons died on the spot. Following a search operation today, the body of another Tiwa community member was found in the nearby paddy fields who had sustained injuries in the police firing and subsequently escaped. The police suspected that some members of a particular militant outfit of the Tiwas were also involved in the attack as there was firing from 12 bore rifles which seriously injured the police station�fs officer in charge and his assistant sub-inspector who received bullets injuries in their hands. Police did not rule out the possibility of more casualties due to firing as most of the people dispersed after the incident. DIG AK Nath and SP Pankaj Sharma are camping in the area where the situation is tense but under control, the sources said. Police had started a probe into the incident.
> 3 die in firing, 1 in custody in Karbi hills (Sentinel) —DIPHU, Aug 21 (PTI): Four persons were killed, one in police custody and three others in subsequent police firing on a mob who injured two police officials seriously in Karbi Anglong district yesterday, police said.
Following a custodial death of a suspected thief in Baithalanshu police station, an irate mob of Tiwa community residing in the nearby areas gheraoed the police and started attacking them.
Police opened fire in which two persons died on the spot.
Following a search operation today, body of another Tiwa community member was found from the nearby paddy fields who had sustained injuries in the police firing and subsequently escaped.
The police suspected that some members of a particular militant outfit of the Tiwas were also involved in the attack as there was firing from 12 bore rifles which seriously injured the police station’s officer in charge Dulal Deka and his assistant sub-inspector who received bullets in their hands.
The police did not rule out the possibility of more casualty due to firing as most of the Tiwa people dispersed after the incident.
DIG A K Nath and Superintendent of Police Pankaj Sharma are camping in the area where the situation is tense but under control, the sources said.

The police had started a probe into the incident.
> Three killed in Assam firing (Telegraph) A STAFF REPORTER —Guwahati, Aug. 21: Three persons were killed and another injured when police fired on a mob protesting a police custodial death in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district around 5.30 pm yesterday.
Police said they had to resort to firing to control a 300-strong mob, which had turned violent while protesting in front of Ulupunchi police outpost, 225 km from Diphu.
The police also claimed that Tiwa militants had fired from the crowd, injuring officer-in-charge of Baithalangsu police station, Dulan Chandra Deka, who rushed to the outpost. He was operated on at the Gauhati Medical College Hospital today and his condition is stable.
Karbi Anglong superintendent of police Pankaj Sharma said, “The policemen opened fire in self-defence and after a magistrate, who had rushed to the site, declared the situation unlawful.”
Karbi Anglong deputy commissioner Anurag Goel was out of station.
Sharma said things were under control after a public meeting held at 11 am today. “Nearly 150 people participated in the meeting and they were convinced by our answers. Everything is normal now,” he claimed.
Police sources said a mob had gathered in front of the police outpost in the afternoon to protest the alleged custodial death of Rameswar Hokai, 45, who was picked up in a theft case yesterday morning.
“Hokai was handed over to us by the public after a thorough bashing. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries around noon,” one of the sources said. A magisterial probe was ordered into Hokai’s death and firing.

21 Sep 2004
Suniram Kro (31) of Eragaon grivously injured in CRPF A/97 Co DSP (Sharma) shooting —at Bakulia early today 3 am in a morning raid. Also arrested 11 other persons and produced in Diphu Court without any arrest warrants.

3 Nov 2004
CRPF raid injures one Bhaiti Tokbi (25) of Chiriknangnep— early morning today from his ginger cultivation. The person was left languishing and later brought to the Diphu Civil Hospital in a serious condition, injuring his thigh and hips. Earllier last evening, around 8 pm, two friends from same village — one small time vegetable seller Kiran Terang (19), s/o Sarthe was returning to his native village together with Poresh Terang (22), s/o Sing Terang. CRPF took them to another village — Ramsing Chinthong (Singnar) and took custody of 3 (three) more youths, two of them Babu Ingti-25 yr and Harsing Hanse-30 yr. Again towards the daybreak, the raiding CRPF accompanied by the villagers took custody of the headman Langtuk Ingti (45), s/o Kania and Dilip Milik (22) from Langtuk Ingti village. These arrests were made without any warrants, the victims of firing were also not provided any medical aid.
30 Jan 3005
> Army atrocities at Rongmongve — and picked up 4 (four) persons two each from Rongmongve market proper and Bordeka. The army also ransacked the house including the paddy of a local Congress leader Daktor Kathar of Rongmongve but no arrest was made as all the inmates had already escaped. Dhaniram Terang (28), petty shop-keeper and his elder brother Sing Terang (42) of Silim Ingti village were also picked up. Army also picked up one Kanchan Das (45), a petty shop keeper of Bordeka but later let off. Another person from Bordeka Jamin Teron (30) was however not so lucky. On 31 morning, local women of about 40-50 led by KNCA were preparing to march to the army camp at Kuthori but details awaited.

8 Feb 2005
> Assam Rifle jawan rapes 12 yr old Hanri Teronpi of Taro village of Tarabasa (D/o Dilipson) at Diphu/Taralangso— the rapist, identifeed as one Gautam Tamang (25) of Assam Rifles Training Centre of Diphu. Assam Rifles authorities deny any such wrong doing but medical reports of the victim has confirmed the rape.