List of Karbi Doctors who have qualified for the post of GMDO and M& HO -I of APSC

March 25, 2012

1.  APSC Rank : 29  (Roll No : 892) Dr. Bireshwar Bey ……………..GMDO

2. APSC Rank : 304 (Roll No: 902) Dr. Tenzing Engti …………….. M&HO-I

3. APSC Rank : 326 (Roll No: 903) Dr. Ananda Kathar……………M&HO-I

4. APSC Rank : 359 (Roll No: 894) Dr. Irine Beypi ………………..M&HO-I

5. APSC Rank: 407 (Roll No: 866) Dr. Mili Ronghangpi …………M&HO-I

6. APSC Rank: 416 (ROll No:888) Dr. Tilenda Teronpi…………..M&HO-I

7. APSC Rank: 421(Roll No: 887) Dr. Dhan Kr. Engti ……………M&HO-I

8. APSC Rank : 424(Roll No. 867) Dr. Ram Ch. Rongphar…….M&HO-I

9. APSC Rank: 426(Roll No. 886) Dr. Sarsing Enghi……………M&HO-I

10. APSC Rank : 429 (Roll No: 857) Dr. Longsodar Kathar…..M&HO-I

11. APSC Rank :430 (Roll No: 884) Dr. Cliffterjones Phangcho..M&HO-I



Stormy KAAC budget session

February 25, 2012

DIPHU 25 FEB :  Non congress members of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Friday walked out of the emergency budget session of KAAC protesting against various anomalies in both plan and non planned financial statement.

ASDC and PAPA backed MAC Jagat Sing Engti, Kang Jang Teron, Robin Son Kro later held a press meet at ASDC (P) office in the evening and blamed the ruling congress for its total failure in protecting the interest of the autonomous district.

Jagat Sing Engti said that the so called KAAC budget has been prepared by Assam government where no provision for proposed medical college, polytechnic, has been made.

Demographic Upset Alarming in Karbi Anglong.

January 3, 2011

Guwahati, 3 Jan : The revised and updated electoral rolls for the 2011 Assembly elections in Assam have brought into light many disturbing trends. The rise in minority dominated districts remains unusual. Against the average rise of 3.29 per cent voters in one year in the State as a whole, it has been abnormally four to seven per cent in the minority dominated districts. The total number of voters as on date in the State, according to the Election Commission, is 1,79,53,112 which as enumerated before the Parliamentary elections of 2009 was 1,74,43,619 voters, an increase of 5,71,445 voters just in one year.

More alarming is for places such as Karbi Anglong, which is not normal as traditionally the hill areas is not affected by this problem. The rolls show quite an alarming rise in the districts of Dhubri (6.81 per cent), Goalpara (4.83 per cent), Hailakandi (4.56 per cent), Karimganj (3.58 per cent), Nagaon (3.96 per cent) and Barpeta (4.07 per cent). Other districts which are witnessing demographic upset are Bongaigaon (6.79 per cent), Kamrup (5.20 per cent), Udalgiri (3.90 per cent), Darrang (4.41 per cent), Dhemaji (4.50 per cent) and Karbi Anglong (4.11 per cent).