8 Responses to VOTE

  1. Kisong Terang says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your comments, reports, views etc related to Karbi’s and the hill district was excellent. I hope with this blog the coming generation would really benefited. Through this blog thou few people have actually visited, I wish you and your team a great success. Keep it up…

    • karbinetwork says:

      Hi Kisong, thank you for visiting the site. You can do a lot to help us/ourselves….please spread the message about this site to your firends and others…thanks and kurvanghtu….

  2. Kisong Terang says:

    Dear sir
    Excellent sir, again alert more information about our hills area and for the interest of local people. Ur aim will definitely success and this topic surely valuable for our coming days. Collect more and more report and hope your group surely success in this work. God bless you forever.

  3. Aruel Rongphar says:

    Good job guys!!! keep it going and, i’m sure there always room for improvement. Just keep your ears and eyes open.. great great!!!

    • karbinetwork says:

      we thank you Aruel, for your comments and love. If any news is to be shared do kindly write to us, we would be more than happy to have it publish in this portal as well as in the main stream media based from Guwahati. If the news is worthy enough, we will even pay up to those contributor..

      With Regards, stay updated.

  4. Thangthang Teron says:

    Thank to Mr. Phangcho and his co. for their dedication. But,it very unfortunate that some of the information and articles published in this WEB are too much one opinion centric and support the ASDC and UPDS political views only. I think these kind of information will bring incorrigible to the history on political movement of Karbi Anglong. I hope the Karbi Information Network will be impertial in publishing articles and other news items in future.

    • karbinetwork says:

      Dear Mr. TERON,

      Thanks for your comments and inputs. I would hereby bring into your attention that KIN is not biased , you must have failed to observed that whatever article appeared in this site are reports fro mainstream media. we are not supporting or against any group or political parties. we are also not trying to present the view of one side only. we are ready to publish what ever matter come to us from reliable sources. If you want us to publish the matter of your concern also then please write to us at … we will surely publish those as well

  5. Badon Tisso says:

    Great job guys!!!
    I didn’t know about, one gentleman asked me to check this site today and I find it so informative. You guys are really great. You people are real modern Karbis and I hope your efforts will surely help upgrading the Karbi Community in e-world. Kindly add some more highlights in your website & update it every day. Thank you so much.

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